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Inside Bennington Museum's collection: A map of the province of New York When the map was created, ownership of the area that is now Vermont was hotly disputed between the colonies of New York and New Hampshire. The map shows what Vermont might have looked like if New …
Ratatouille: The dish, not the movie As this is an article appearing in the Food section, the ratatouille I'm referring to is the French vegetable dish, not the movie. I did have a good laugh though while researching when I came across …
Too hot to cook? Just make pasta salad ... We're headed into the dog days of summer ... temperatures this weekend are predicted to be near 90 degrees. In that type of heat, no one wants to heat up their house by using the oven and even …
Dining al fresco: A cheese dish picnic perfect In the almost 10 years I worked at cheese counters in the Berkshires, the most fun I had was when Yo-Yo Ma came into the shop with some friends from Paris, who had flown in for Yo-Yo's daughter's …
'A classic summertime drink' This weekend will be filled with Memorial Day celebrations — the unofficial start of summer in New England (the official start is Friday, June 21) — and Saturday is National Wine Day. …
May is for morels "If I told you, I'd have to kill you!" is a common tongue-in-cheek answer that a successful morel mushroom forager will give you if you ask where they found their harvest of these delicious, elusive …
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In 1937 Patsy Santo won first prize for a painting he submitted to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland. The painting was seen by Walt Kuhn, a progressive artist instrumental in introducing modernism to … more
EAST DORSET — Despite the ongoing social distancing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 virus, the organizer of one of the area's biggest summer events is holding out hope the event can still … more
The US Pottery Company in Bennington made press molded ceramic figurines for middle class American households. Standing poodles and lions and reclining cows and deer were among their popular wares. … more
BENNINGTON — On Saturday, May 9, Bennington students, alumni, and rising star bands will perform online as part of Sunfest, Bennington's annual all-day music festival. To view these free … more
It's September 1953. The U.S. Congress has just brought a bill to the floor that will abrogate the rights of Native Americans to their lands. The so-called "emancipation" bill is really only a plan … more
Early Mass on Easter Sunday, 1937 Leroy Williams (1878-1965) Oil on canvas, 96"H x 120"W Bennington Museum Collection, Courtesy of the Fine Arts Collection, U.S. General Services … more
This humble looking chunk of black iron was taken by from the desk of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy during the Civil War. Designed to resemble a hunk of coal, it would have been … more
MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says as temperatures warm, songbirds return and the ice recedes, a shift in fish behavior also occurs. Many fish species commonly found in … more
MANCHESTER — Southern Vermont Arts Center is offering a free documentary film class led by Bill Muench, director of the Burr and Burton Academy cinematography program. The class will be offered … more
BENNINGTON — Syrian musicians in Istanbul, like the rest of the 3.5 million members of Syrian society in Turkey, work under temporary, insecure, low-paid and precarious conditions. In addition … more

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