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To the Editor:

The following letter and listing of names are a group of Bennington residents and business owners who want the Town of Bennington to invest in our community. The Everett Estate (Southern Vermont College) property is a highly prized asset to the Town of Bennington and surrounding region. We are urgently requesting that the Town of Bennington seriously look into acquiring this property as soon as possible:

The undersigned list of Bennington citizens are requesting that the Town of Bennington, who have formerly planned for a gymnasium addition on the site of the town Recreation Center, revise their decision. The money to plan and complete the 1,100-square-foot gymnasium would likely cost $4 to $7 million. The town has already invested millions of town funds to extend the water lines to the Everett Estate property. This group of citizens urges the Town of Bennington to purchase the Historic Everett Estate on 371 acres instead, so that the citizens of Bennington and town visitors would have immediate expanded opportunities for recreation. We are also mindful that the school and town sports teams have limited practice field capacity and that the current Historic Everett Estate has established sports fields and a gymnasium exceeding the planned 1,100-square-foot proposed Recreation Center addition and that this facility has access to the long established, frequented, "Ninja Trails."

Moreover, the group urges the Town of Bennington to preserve the original buildings of the Everett Estate which is listed as a historic site in the State of Vermont. Lastly, the citizens of the Town of Bennington requests that the Select Board and town administrators reviewing this proposal form a volunteer committee of qualified citizens with a knowledge of finance, legal matters and economic development from the group or suggested by the group listed below in order to generate and plan for expanded opportunities of all phases of economic development including recreational.

Jackie Kelly,


Signers include Linda Masten,George Masten, Sue Booker, Fred Booker, Mark Beck, Tierney Beck, Barbara Taylor, Kevin Taylor, Leslie Kelley, Laura Zink, John Zink, Lori O'Dell, Kirk O'Dell, Jim Probola,Jr., Johanna Probola, Alexandra Wassick, Jessica Tibbetts, Mark Tibbetts,

Donald Wassick, Kim Wassick, Kate Whitehall, Jennifer Jasper, Laura Nesbit, Mark Nesbit, Mary A. Morrissey, Amy Maroney, Wayn Goodman, Kim A Corey, Donna Markowsky, David Burch, Caitlin Roberts, Jarad Newell, Becky Amos, Lawrence Amos, Peter Geannilis, Monique Geannilis, Michael Bethel, Alan Skidmore, Wayn Goodman, Joe Antignani, David Dupee, Lisa Dupee, Nancy White, Rose Telford, Suzanne Bushbaum, Andrew Bushbaum, Angela Bevin, Christopher Bevin, Paul Palladino, Shelli Dubroff, Caroline McEver, Gary Warren, Kim Warren, Laura Harrington, Justin Harrington, Linda White, Erica Allard, Jessica Pace, Terry Gates, Michael York, Peter Brady, Jane Outwater, Duffy Outwater, Jeremy Friend, Victoria Schmidt, Oliver Schmidt, Colleen Corey, Tammy Buckley, Jen Smith, Bruce Smith, Tim Reisler, Val Reisler, Kathy Hayden, James C. Pinsonneault, Laurie Pinsonneault, Valerie Dwyer, Betty White, Mary Pat Racicot, Katherine Post, Frederick Wilkins, Sandra Wilkins, Lisa Pietrzak, Cherrie Brouchu, Bill Stewart, Roxanne Willette, Jacqueline Boucher, Robert Baker, Audrey Pietrucha, Brian Peat, Mema Peat, Linda Peat, Bill Peat, Joann Erenhouse.


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