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Bennington College announces largest-ever capital campaign

BENNINGTON — Bennington College on Thursday announced its largest-ever capital campaign of $150 million to support five priorities for the college, including financial aid and campus renewal, …

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Bennington Lions announces chapter closure BENNINGTON— After 80 years of service to Bennington, Pownal and Woodford, the Bennington Lions Club is ceasing its operations at the end of June. When in its prime a few decades ago, the club …
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Work train, Dec. 21, 1906

Tim Wager is working to colorize hundreds of black-and-white photographs of Bennington in the 19th and 20th centuries from the Bennington Museum collection, and has been sharing them with the Banner. …

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Teflon Town

Teflon Town: ChemFab's toxic legacy

Teflon Town: ChemFab's toxic legacy is a five-part series on the history of the company in Bennington and the impact of water contamination from the factories on local residents.


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