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Survey: general positivity toward police force, disappointment in town vibrancy BENNINGTON — While the overall response to the town's police force, downtown restaurants, and general cleanliness was favorable, Bennington residents expressed general displeasure in municipal …
Local sports

MAU holds off Rutland, wins MVL

BENNINGTON — Rutland's do-it-all guard Elise Magro put a late scare into the Mount Anthony girls basketball team Thursday night with her hot shooting, but MAU held on and topped the rival …

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Stagecoach, circa 1880s

Tim Wager is working to colorize hundreds of black-and-white photographs of Bennington in the 19th and 20th centuries from the Bennington Museum collection, and has been sharing them with the Banner. …

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Teflon Town

Teflon Town: ChemFab's toxic legacy

Teflon Town: ChemFab's toxic legacy is a five-part series on the history of the company in Bennington and the impact of water contamination from the factories on local residents.


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