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MANCHESTER — The Northshire Rescue Squad has responded to criticism leveled by consultants for the town of Manchester, defending its level of service and culture, and taking issue with the way concerns about its performance were made public.

BENNINGTON — A winter storm that brought significant snowfall, strong thunderstorms and blustery winds to the southeastern U.S. moved up the coast and into Vermont overnight Sunday, dumping a mix of light flurry snow, rain and potentially sleet across the southern counties throughout much of…

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The decades-long search for justice by a sexually abused North Carolina boy comes to a dramatic end with a lengthy prison sentence and the delayed promise of permission to begin living the life he missed as a child.

If you have been a patient at the hospital lately—to get blood drawn, get emergency care, or attend an appointment—and you came in wearing a cloth mask, you would have had a staff member give you one of our paper-like surgical masks and ask you to wear it instead. A few patients have taken a…

Waterbury — The Department for Children and Families announced that many 3SquaresVT households will continue to receive a higher benefit in January and February. This extra help is part of the federal Coronavirus Relief Bill. It will not permanently change a household’s monthly benefit. It i…

BENNINGTON — The Alliance for Community Transformations has recognized local artist Amy Anselmo as its 2022 Member of the Year for “outstanding commitment to our mission of supporting healthy youth.”

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Next April the Banner will have survived 179 years as Bennington’s newspaper. It was founded by a group of citizens, including Rep. Hiland Hall, our historian, in 1841, to give voice to their views as members of the Whig Party. Over time it ceased being a party platform, and today gives voic…

Life with a dog, simply, is better. Sure, the minute you decide to get that loyal companion into your life you’re signing up for heartache. It always ends up with you in a puddle of tears and a hole in your heart that you can drive a train through. In my life I’ve had 10 dogs come through my…

We are Bennington youth who have come together to address racial and social justice in our town. We are writing to our community in the hopes that we can work together across generations to promote equality and a better world. After reading through our editorial, we hope you will join us in …

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