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BENNINGTON — An agreement reached in bankruptcy court could lead to the sale of the former Bennington Center for the Arts for $500,000 back to an entity associated with the founders, Bruce Laumeister and Elizabeth Small.

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MANCHESTER — The internet is an indispensable part of everyday life, but it’s more dangerous than Route 7 at night in a January blizzard. Learn what steps you can take to stay safe online at an upcoming lecture with cybersecurity expert Kenneth N. Rashbaum.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Tom Bernard, who just wrapped up his service as mayor of North Adams, has been selected to lead Berkshire United Way (BUW) as the new president and chief executive officer, and will begin Jan. 24.

Forsythia in February? Impossible, you say? Not so. A vase full of flowers from the garden won’t take much more effort than harvesting some branches to force them to bloom.

HOOSICK FALLS — The Friends of Bennington Battlefield Junior Historians are hosting ‘Thirteen Moons on the Turtle’s Back’, an event that explores Native American heritage through story, artwork and games.

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Next April the Banner will have survived 179 years as Bennington’s newspaper. It was founded by a group of citizens, including Rep. Hiland Hall, our historian, in 1841, to give voice to their views as members of the Whig Party. Over time it ceased being a party platform, and today gives voic…

Life with a dog, simply, is better. Sure, the minute you decide to get that loyal companion into your life you’re signing up for heartache. It always ends up with you in a puddle of tears and a hole in your heart that you can drive a train through. In my life I’ve had 10 dogs come through my…

We are Bennington youth who have come together to address racial and social justice in our town. We are writing to our community in the hopes that we can work together across generations to promote equality and a better world. After reading through our editorial, we hope you will join us in …

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