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The House of Representatives from Bennington-4 (Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and Sunderland) has three people running for two seats. Of the three candidates only one stands out; Steve Berry.

Steve has worked to gain the respect of House members confirming that of the three candidates he is the best person for this job. He's smart, articulate, and a great listener. He's a champion for the middle class, veterans, the elderly and children. He saved the funding for the Vt. Vets Home.

Steve works with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. In a time when political polarization is like a bad infection we are fortunate to have Steve working on our behalf. He's more interested in accomplishing something verses grandstanding.

We've learned that the Republican National Committee is spending $50,000 to defeat Steve and others. Rep. Browning was initially targeted, but has mysteriously been removed from the hit list. Why?

Steve has demonstrated that he is the one representative that deserves to be re-elected..

The ballot says we can vote for two, but I'll be casting a single vote and that vote will be for Steve Berry. I urge you to do likewise.

— Bob Stannard

Manchester Center


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