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BENNINGTON - A Pownal woman was charged in Vermont Superior Court Wednesday for allegedly having unwanted sexual contact with a 16-year-old male.

Kimberly Baker, 46, pleaded not guilty to a felony count of sexual assault - no consent. She was released on conditions that she abide by a 24-hour curfew with exceptions for work and other purposes, and not have contact with anyone under 18 outside their parent or guardian’s presence. She is scheduled for a bail hearing on Sept. 5.

According to an affidavit Vermont Detective Trooper Scott Dunlap, on June 3 a person only identified as "Juvenile 2" disclosed to the Department of Children and Families that Baker and another person police did not identify had been involved in his sex life and that of a person identified as "Juvenile 3."

Baker was the only person named in the affidavit, which was used to find probable cause for her being charged and conditions of release imposed on her. The alleged victim and witnesses were not identified, and their connection to each other and to Baker was unclear.

The affidavit did not indicate the age of the alleged victim but state police issued a press release the day after the arraignment saying he is 16.

Juvenile 2 told police that Baker had touched him inappropriately and sent nude photos of herself to him. Juvenile 2 told police he used to be friends with the alleged victim, but no longer as the alleged victim had been contacting Juvenile 2’s girlfriend. Juvenile 2 claimed Baker had said she performed oral sex on the alleged victim, but was not taken seriously.

Police said Juvenile 3 said she had been in a sexual relationship with Juvenile 2. She denied knowing about any adults having inappropriate sexual contact with herself or Juvenile 2. She said she did hear Baker say something about performing oral sex on the alleged victim, but thought it was a joke.

The alleged victim was interviewed by police and said the sexual contact happened in a vehicle. He said he asked Baker what she was doing, but did not say no. He said he is not good at saying no. He said he had heard of something similar happening between Baker and someone police called "Juvenile 1" but witnessed no sexual behavior between them.

Juvenile 1 told police that no sexual activity every occurred between him and Baker, but he heard from Juvenile 2 and the alleged victim that there had been something between Baker and the alleged victim. He said he did not give it much consideration.

Baker denied having any sexual contact with Juvenile 2 or Juvenile 1, but did say there had been sexual contact with who police identified as the alleged victim, only her account was different about the time and place. She told police it was consensual and that the male initiated it by grabbing her hand and putting it on his leg. She said they had flirted in the past.


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