Vets home nurses, caregivers say thanks to Sen. Sanders


The nurses and caregivers at the Vermont Veterans’ Home would like to thank Sen. Bernie Sanders for his leadership fighting for a federal commitment to high quality health care for our nation’s veterans.

As members of the VSEA, we met with Sen. Sanders early this summer and asked him to help us find resources that would help the Vermont Veterans’ Home out of the fiscal and management crisis we are facing. Bernie and his staff have responded and are working diligently to help our veterans home access federal resources that will allow this critical facility to thrive.


Bennington What would Martin Luther King advocate today?

This week’s 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington is being observed with marches, speeches, and speculation on what causes Dr.King would embrace today.

He would certainly continue to work for racial equality. But he would also likely advocate for a rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan, workers’ rights, gay rights, and animal rights.

Yes, animal rights. Although he is best known for advocacy of racial equality, Dr. King opposed all violence, like the Vietnam war. And there is no greater violence than that perpetrated each day against billions of cows, pigs, and other sentient animals in America’s factory farms and slaughterhouses.

The day before his assassination in 1968, Dr. King came to Memphis to champion the most oppressed human beings in America -- African-American sanitation workers. Today, it would also be about the most oppressed living beings in America -- animals raised for food, experiments, and entertainment.

Although Dr. King never lived long enough to extend his circle of compassion, justice, and nonviolence to non-human animals, his wife Coretta Scott King, and his son Dexter Scott King did, by embracing the vegan lifestyle. A great way for us to honor the King legacy is to follow their lead.



Pownal picnic

As we just finished our fifth Town of Pownal Picnic on Sunday, August 25, I would like to personally thank some of the people that make it happen: Stewarts for their continued support; Pam and Sib for more cookies and brownies than one can count, my crew that helps set up and clean up, my family and town officials without whom I couldn’t do this. Then, of course, the great people who attend this event -- I thank all of you. It is a great pleasure to see so many enjoy the beauty of our town and each other.


Chairman of the Pownal Select Board



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