Vermont needs to thank Senator Sears


Vermont needs to thank Senator Sears

Vermont residents want clean soil and water and air and safe food. We want to know what foods have been tampered with genetically. We want our children and grandchildren to have safe food to eat rather than food that may disrupt their immune system. We want to be able to read labels on our food and choose what to buy.

The Vermont House of Representatives, and the Senate Committee on Agriculture and the Committee on Judiciary has passed Bill H.112 to have all foods labeled so we can determine what food products have been genetically engineered. Our courageous Senator from Bennington County, Dick Sears led the efforts every step of the way through to a successful and overwhelming vote in favor of Vermonter's Right to Know -- the Bill H.112 to label GMOs. Representatives and senators in Vermont are among the most fearless and bold in the United States. If Vermont ratifies passage of H.122 it will be the first state in the union to do so and we'll have Senator Sears to thank.

I am proud that Vermont is taking the lead in making a stand in what will be among the greatest issues of our century in the USA -- the right of citizens, rather than corporations, to control our lives and destiny. I believe that the label GMO's Bill H.112 is but the one in a long list of citizen's rights that we need to claim in order to protect our democracy.

Please tell our friends Senator Dick Sears (802-828-223, and Senator Bob Hartwell ( that you appreciate their support of H.112 and that you want to make Vermont safe from corporate incursions.




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