Upcoming events at Northshire Bookstore


Aug. 5, 7 p.m. author event with Judith Schwartz

Judith D. Schwartz is a Vermont journalist whose recent work looks at soil as a hub for multiple environmental, economic and social challenges-and solutions. She writes on this theme for numerous publications and speaks in venues around the world. Her 2013 book Cows Save the Planet was awarded a Nautilus Book Award Silver Prize for Sustainability and is among Booklist's Top 10 Books On Sustainability. During this discussion Mrs. Schwartz will be presenting her new book Water in Plain Sight. Long taken for granted, water availability has entered the realm of economics, politics, and people's food and lifestyle choices. But as anxiety mounts - even as a swath of California farmland has been left fallow and extremist groups worldwide exploit the desperation of people losing livelihoods to desertification - many are finding new routes to water security with key implications for food access, economic resilience, and climate change. Water does not perish, nor require millions of years to form as do fossil fuels. However, water is always on the move. In this timely, important book, Judith D. Schwartz presents a refreshing perspective on water that transcends zero-sum thinking. By allying with the water cycle, we can revive lush, productive landscapes. Like the river in rural Zimbabwe that, thanks to restorative grazing, now flows miles further than in living memory. Or the food forest of oranges, pomegranates, and native fruit-bearing plants in Tucson, grown through harvesting urban wastewater. Or the mini-oasis in West Texas nourished by dew. Animated by stories from around the globe, "Water In Plain Sight" is an inspiring reminder that fixing the future of our drying planet involves understanding what makes natural systems thrive.

Aug. 6, 7 p.m. author event with Gordon Chaplin Paraiso

Join us for an evening with author Gordon Chaplin as he discusses his new book, Paraiso; a noir south of the border genre-bending story about love, sibling relationships, and the dark side of paradise. Gordon Chaplin was a journalist in the Saigon bureau of Newsweek and at Bangkok World, the Baltimore Sun, and the Washington Post. He has also worked in sea conservation with the group Niparaja and since 2003 has been a research associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. He is the author of several books, including Dark Wind: A Survivor s Tale of Love and Loss. He lives with his wife and daughter in New York City and Hebron, New York.

Aug. 12, 7 p.m., author event with Robin MacArthur

A powerfully authentic new literary voice debuts with stories that carve out a distinctive vision of the wildness and beauty of rural Vermont. Spanning nearly forty years, the stories in Robin MacArthur's formidable debut give voice to the hopes, dreams, hungers, and fears of a diverse cast of Vermonters straddling the border between civilization and the wild. In striking prose powerful in its clarity and purity, MacArthur effortlessly renders characters cleaved to the land that has defined them men and women, young and old, whose lives are inextricably intertwined with one another and tied to the fierce and beautiful natural world that surrounds them. MacArthur is a third-generation Vermonter from Marlboro who has been studying Vermont-based fiction (and writing her own) since she left for college at eighteen. She has an MFA in Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts; her essays and stories about Vermont have appeared in Orion, Shenandoah, Hunger Mountain and Alaska Quarterly.

Aug. 13 - 2, p.m., I Spy in the Bookstore!

Kids! Our annual store-wide scavenger hunt is back. This year, we invite kids of all ages to uncover a trail to hidden prizes by deciphering picture clues and riddles. All sleuth skill-levels are welcome, though our youngest guests might want some parental guidance. Drop in between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to begin your quest. Bookseller help — and some snacks — will be provided.

Aug. 13, 7 p.m., author event with Cynthia Kane

The most well-known Buddhist teachers on the planet all have something in common: they are excellent communicators. This is not by accident, as the Buddha taught what are called the four elements of right speech over 2,600 years ago. In this one-of- a- kind book, certified meditation and mindfulness instructor Cynthia Kane, author of "How to Communicate like a Buddhist" has taken the four elements of right speech and developed them into a modern practice based on mindful listening, mindful speech, and mindful silence. The simple steps outlined in this book will have a huge effect on how you communicate with others and yourself. Communication is essential to being human, and when you become better at it, your personal truth becomes clearer, your relationships improve, and the result is that you experience more peace and harmony in your life.

Kane received her BA from Bard College and her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and is a certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Washington Post, Woman's Day the Huffington Post and many others. She lives in Washington, DC and offers workshops and private programs.


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