THE VIEW FROM MY PLACE: Pooper scooper drops one


It seems as though the world is getting tougher every day. An Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal has billionaire Charles Koch opining that it ain't easy being him. He states all he's trying to do is to restore a free society. Mr. Koch understands "free" as he and his brother inherited a family business through which he gives away millions of dollars to buy Congressmen to clear the way for his conglomerate.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court, with Chief Justice John Roberts at the helm, issues a decision virtually eliminating the limit for the amount of money that can be spent to buy our Congressman. Judge Roberts stopped short of decriminalizing bribery. His ruling says that folks like Charles Koch can't actually put cash in a bag and hand it directly to an elected official hoping that they will make the country free in Mr. Koch's eyes. Perhaps we should consider rewriting our bribery laws saying that any contribution over $2,000 should constitute a bribe.

The Koch op-ed piece and the Supreme Court ruling, however, were dwarfed by the somewhat buried news story where we learned that yet another sponsor has abandoned that spewer of vitriol, racism and hate and Rush Limbaugh.

In an effort to restore a shred of power to the people someone has created a website called FlushRush. These folks are doggedly reaching out to the masses and delivering this message: If you don't like what Limbaugh is saying then call his sponsors and tell them. This has been working very well.

Rush Limbaugh, at one time, enjoyed sponsorships like major advertisers like Sony that used to pay him millions of dollars to plug their products. Those mega-sponsors have gone and Rush is now down to telling us what a deal gold is and hawking Social Security scams. He did have one holdout that tossed in the towel this week.

A company known as Dog Doody Duty ( offers to come to your house and clean up after your dog. For a fee they will come and get old dog turds. Their ads were heard by the folks at FlushRush who reached out to their network, saying call Dog Doody Duty and tell them that they won't be picking up dog poo on your lawn if they advertise on Limbaugh's show.

They must've received a lot of calls, because they're pulling their ads off his show. Poor Rush will now going have to go after some reverse mortgage shysters to fill the void. You will no longer be able to find out more about Dog Doody Duty. You will have to go elsewhere to get your old, dried up dog poop picked up off your lawn.

I've never been a fan of Rush Limbaugh. I see him as a sexist, a racist and vile creature, but hey, it's America and he gets to speak his mind. He's been able to make millions of dollars blathering on with lies, distortions and horrible accusations that would make members of the KKK blush. People used to listen to this guy and listeners drew in sponsors like flies to, well, dog poop.

Limbaugh crossed the line and people turn on him like a constipated dog. Then came FlushRush. People started picking up the phone, calling sponsors and reading them the riot act.

It's all about the money and when advertisers start seeing revenue drop because of a lunatic host, they move on the next best thing.

Rush Limbaugh has plenty of money now, but for him it's not about the money. It's about ego. He's survived who knows how many failed marriages/divorces. He's survived drug addiction and through it all he's come out smelling, well, a little bit stronger than a pile of dog pooh, but he has survived. His days may be numbered. How long until the stations across America that carry his show experience the loss in revenues? All they need is more phone calls saying that you, the average person who doesn't buy what Rush is selling, will stop tuning in. When that day comes Rush will have come to the end of his leash.

Maybe we can't do anything, for now, about John Roberts and his quest to make the world safe for the Koch brothers, but maybe we can learn a lot from a simple website that has now shown that the people in this country do still have some power left with their collective voices.

Maybe John Roberts isn't listening, but corporate America appears to be. So folks, if you're like me and you've had enough of people like Rush Limbaugh then pick up the phone and call his sponsors.

You can try calling Dog Doody Duty, but their line might be busy. They might be out cleaning up one more turd.

Bob Stannard is a Banner columnist.


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