The View from My Place: Dumb and Dumber


Among the smartest presidents, Bill Clinton ranks fourth. His IQ is a whopping 148.8 and is bested only by John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. We know that as smart as they are both JFK and Clinton made some really dumb decisions.

There's no denying that Bill Clinton, on most levels, is a pretty bright guy, however, over the years he's said and done things that have made us wince. Bill and Hillary Clinton tend to err on the side of secrecy thus making it very easy for people to speculate what they might be up to.

Bill, at least, is well liked in spite of his shortcomings. We're well aware of his sexual exploits and parsing of words like when he said, "It depends on what the definition of 'is' is", but underneath he's been perceived as having a good heart.

So in a week when his wife had to sit down with the FBI for an interview over her equally dumb decision to use a private server for her email use when she was Secretary of State one has to wonder about Bill's decision to jump on a parked plane to say hello to our nation's top cop and the person charged with dealing with officials who may, or may not, have broken the law.

It doesn't matter what they talked about. Both parties have said that they talked about their grandkids and golf. That's probably true. It's a bit of a stretch to presume that Bill would board Loretta Lynch's plane and open with, "You're going to find a way to bury the case against my wife, right?" He can't be that dumb and if he were Lynch would've tossed him off the plane.

One of two things should've happened. First, they could have insisted on having a third party witness present to ensure the conversation was nothing more than a social visit. Or two, either party should've said, "No, we can't meet. Your wife is under investigation. Think for a minute how bad this would look." Sadly, that second option never entered the high IQ mind of one of the parties. Bill had to know about his wife's upcoming meeting with the FBI and you would think that he would be smart enough to know that the optics of meeting with Lynch would be horrible.

To cap the week off on Saturday, July 3, Hillary had a three hour meeting with the FBI to go over her ever-dripping email story that came out of nearly never ending Benghazi hearings. You may recall that Hillary voluntarily offered up this little thread that has been pulled on by everyone leaving the garment almost shredded. Hillary's no dope, either, so one might presume that if she mentioned that she had a server in her house she probably didn't see anything wrong with that. One would think that if she thought she was breaking the law that she might not have spilled those beans in front of one of the most partisan and expensive witch hunts in our nation's history.

No it was not a great week for the Clintons, but we must admire their luck. In the same week Hillary's opponent, Donald Trump, praised Israel and then sent out an anti-Semitic tweet, which his campaign had to delete. That wasn't very smart, but then again compared to blunder after blunder this man has made over the past year this tweet hardly moved the dumb meter.

What might move the meter for Trump is the lawsuit filed (while Hillary was meeting with the FBI) in which a woman has alleged that when she was thirteen years old she was raped by Trump and his friend, Jeffery Epstein; the latter now on the sexual offender registry.

Conspiracy theorist, Trump, now appears to be on the other end of a conspiracy. Are these people really the best and the brightest?

— Bob Stannard is a regular Banner columnist


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