Teen pleads not guilty to pointing shotgun at man

Tuesday February 26, 2013


Staff Writer

BENNINGTON -- A teenager is facing misdemeanor charges after a hotel manager accused him of pointing a shotgun at him Sunday evening.

Christopher Shores, 19, of Pownal, pleaded not guilty Monday in Bennington Superior Court Criminal Division to misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment, and attempted simple assault by menace. He was released on conditions he not go to the America's Best Value Inn in Pownal or have contact with Shipre Kumar, 29, or her husband, Mridul Kumar, 26, both of Pownal.

According to an affidavit by Vermont State Trooper Justin Walker, at 5:22 p.m. Sunday he was dispatched to the inn after Shipre Kumar called to report the incident. Walker said he arrived with Bennington County Sheriff's Deputy Joel Howard and they spoke to Shores, who was outside.

Shores showed police his gun, a 12-gage Remmington shotgun, which at the time was located in the back seat of Shores' vehicle. Shores denied pointing the gun at anyone and said there had been tensions between his family and Mridul Kumar after Kumar served an eviction notice on them some days prior as well as gave a notice against trespass to one of their friends. Shores told police he had recently bought the shotgun and had it out to show his sister, Lisa Shores, who also provided a statement to police.

Mridul Kumar confirmed that he had served an eviction notice on the Shores family and had called police on them numerous times. He said the recent incident involved him returning from buying groceries and, as he was carrying them inside, hearing Shores laughing and looking to see Shores had a gun raised to his shoulder and was pointing it at him. He said Shores was alone.

Kumar told police he was scared, as was his wife, who almost locked him outside. Walker wrote that Kumar appeared visibly upset as he spoke.

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