SVSU takes federally funded tech equipment back from NBGS

Thursday July 11, 2013

NORTH BENNINGTON -- The North Bennington Graded School will be handing back technology equipment purchased by the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union with federal grant funds.

Given no operating public school in North Bennington in the new school year, the newly independent Village School of North Bennington is not eligible to continue using the equipment obtained with federal funding restricted to public schools.

The Prudential Committee consented to the items after brief discussion Wednesday.

The supervisory union will take back about half of the netbooks currently in the school, although last month the Prudential Committee moved to purchase new tablet computers for sixth graders, paid out of a trust fund to the public school.

Business Manager Richard Pembroke said Wednesday that any technology purchased before 2008, and that using local supervisory union funds as part of the school's assessment, would be left in North Bennington.

"To be perfectly honest, I thought I was being overly generous," Pembroke said.

Prudential Committee member Matthew Patterson said the central office had appeared to have taken a fair approach to determining what would stay and go.

The items being returned to the supervisory union include 23 netbooks, four desktop computers and monitors, two Smart Boards and projectors, and some ancillary equipment.

Prudential Committee members asked about the possibility of keeping the Smart Board in the library at a depreciated purchase price. "I don't know. ... I can look into that," Pembroke said. "If we can I don't have a problem doing that."

The equipment was originally purchased with Title and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.

"It's mostly all ARRA," according to Pembroke.

Purchase orders for the equipment were dated from June 2008 to July 2010.

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