SVSU board warns policy for hiring administrators


BENNINGTON -- The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union board met on Wednesday night, after a lengthy executive session for contract negotiations and arbitration.

The board warned a new policy for hiring administrators other than the superintendent. The supervisory union’s policy in the past was applicable to the hiring of the superintendent and building principals, but was mum on the proper procedure for hiring other administrators. The policy, #4020, caused several problems during the board’s search for a replacement superintendent over the winter, due to ambiguity of language. The need for a separate policy between the superintendent and all other administrative positions, stems from the involvement of the superintendent in the respective processes. Although the policy was not worded to reflect this, the superintendent typically plays no role in the hiring of a new superintendent, but does play a role in the hiring of other administrators. The policies now reflect this.

To become official policy, #4020 must be warned and adopted by each school district within the SVSU, as well as the SVSU board itself. Also removed was the requirement that three candidates be presented before the board for any administrative position. Now, the superintendent can recommend a single candidate to the board. If the board decides not to appoint that candidate, they may request an additional candidate from the superintendent, or direct the re-posting of the position. The policy as amended would also remove the need for a hiring committee for non-superintendent positions, leaving the screening of candidates in the hands of the superintendent, or a designee. The wording of when the local school boards must be informed of an administrative posting from "as soon as possible," to the more concrete, "before posting the vacancy."

The board also congratulated SVSU chief financial officer Rick Pembroke on his election as president of the Vermont Association of School Business Officials. VASBO, according to their website, was created to, "promote and provide leadership for the advancement of education; to work for improvement in the process of educational administration, particularly the business functions; to improve the preparatory and in-service training of School Business Administrators; to strive continually to upgrade the methods and practices of administrators; to assist in solving problems related to operations; and to support the adopted educational goals of the community and the Agency of Education, all in an ethical and efficient manner."

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