SENIOR MOMENTS: The lazy, hazy days of June


One cool June morning, Editor Karas walked up my driveway to hand-deliver a letter the Banner received addressed to me. It was from the little town of Overbrook, Kansas, written by the mayor and duly signed and notarized by the council members. It pertained to the publication of a notarized document thanking me for mentioning the town in a Banner column.

It has been many years since I lived in Overbrook. I mentioned that fact in one of my columns and it obviously came to the attention of one of the long-time members of the town as he remembered the five years my first husband and I edited four weeklies from one office. That was back in the early 1930s. We later moved on to other pursuits.

But the past is never quite erased from one’s memory and so there it was fresh in an old-timer’s mind.

The letter Karas delivered to me was a true notarized copy of one of their town meetings when they recognized our five-year struggle with country newspaper editing. It was a nice gesture by that town board. I did not recognize any familiar names. They have been duly thanked for their consideration.


One recent day I made a trip to one of our nearby small towns for the purpose of looking up a woman who said she wanted to say hello to me. It was a pleasant encounter and well worth the long trip to carry it out.


The lazy, hazy days of June find me a bit lazy about writing a column, but I need to feel something worthwhile will come out when I do.

Some very nice things happen to me and one of them was when a friend wrote and asked me if he could subscribe to a special magazine for me. What a nice thought.

And then there are those other friends who drop in and we sit and chat about so many things that have happened in our long lives.

One day last week two women drove up from North Adams and Williamstown and we had a delightful luncheon together. Once a year we meet for this special time. Three of us carry canes and need help getting in and out of a car. But once we are seated and preparing to eat our food, my, how the news does fly.

One woman from North Adams will have her 100th birthday in November and she tells me her son is planning a big dinner to celebrate it.

As we grow older, we seem to cherish these brief encounters more each year.

Harriette Leidich is a Banner columnist.


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