I can't believe that I missed the Super Bowl game recently, but I did! Others of my family were glued to the tube and I just sat by the fireplace in my son's home enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

As I edge over the 102 age, I find that I can forego some of the pleasures that in the past I would never have missed.

Some years ago my first husband and I never missed a conference game in the Big Six (then) conference.

When we moved to Massachusetts from Alabama in 1958, we tried to keep attending close-by games. One of the first away-from-home games after we moved North was at Syracuse University which was quite a drive from North Adams, Mass., but we drove there to see KU play a conference game. I don't remember how many long trips to other games we attended later on, but if the weather was good we packed up our stadium blankets and away we went to offer our support.

This is by way of letting you know just how football-minded I was years ago, when I wouldn't so easily waive Super Bowl attendance. So growing older seemed to determine my interest in the Super Bowl this year.

Oh well. I was informed later that it wasn't the best of the bowl games.

There is always another sport coming on the tube and I am now into watching that sport. I sometimes may think I'm watching it, but on the other hand I may have nodded off before the final whistle.

Oh what these added years do to your attention to the sports in the comfort of your own home!

Harriette Leidich is a Banner columnist.


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