SENIOR MOMENTS - Happy 2014: Let the good times roll


As I write this -- my first column of the new year 2014 -- I am looking out at a very heavy snowfall that has been coming down for hours. My driveway is being plowed but I don't need a clear path to my garage because my car is in somebody else's garage!

I have had a wonderful holiday reunion with my little family. The California contingent left a few days ago -- back to those sunny, warm days of that area.

I recall that years ago my mother-in-law used to say that their home seemed "like a tomb" after we left with the children. Now I understand what she meant! But I am cheered by the fact that my California son will be coming back in April to help me celebrate my 102nd birthday.

One Christmas custom I always enjoy is sending and receiving holiday cards. I didn't receive many this year and I wonder if it meant that former friends have passed on -- or perhaps they may have thought I might not still be around!

My Christmas season started with a group of carolers from my church who stopped by to cheer me and put me in a Christmas mood. Then my California couple came and we began a busy holiday schedule.

I always look forward to hanging a new calendar for the year ahead, but I was disappointed because firms don't supply them like they used to. However, the days will come and go and we will be aware of time passing without looking at a calendar.

So, with this first column I send you special New Year's wishes for a happy segment of your life. Keep happy and busy at one thing or another and let the good times roll!

Harriette Leidich is a Banner columnist.


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