’National Poetry Month’


Seth Brown

Once upon a weekend quiet, as my brain began to riot,

Straining hard against the diet of long poems I’d tried to read,

There arose a great distraction borne of online interaction,

Seeking social satisfaction of the sort that people need.

Is it true that Facebook really offers something people need?

Social networks: Yes indeed.

Though I often get distracted, with great calm my brain reacted,

Fact is, I could check my friend list once quite swiftly, then proceed

Back to poems deep and extended, once this minor break has ended.

Poetry would be suspended briefly, while I checked the feed.

Surely it would not take long for me to simply check my feed.

Optimistic? Yes indeed.

April is the month of poems, nation’lly, so friends would show ‘em

Off, and post them on their Facebook page for other folks to read.

Clearly, these would be much shorter than works from the epic quarter

Since these poetry supporters know we browse with lots of speed.

Do we shorten every post because we browse the web with speed?

Faster browsing: Yes indeed.

That’s why everyone’s on Twitter, no one these days wants to fritter

Hours away on some transmitter of a long well-crafted screed.

With our time we are quite thrifty, so we’d rather read it swiftly,

If you get my drift, 140 characters is all we need.

Who has time for length when brevity is what the people need?

More efficient? Yes indeed. I could read a great haiku, or heck, I’ve got the time for two

Or three of those. I’m reading many poems, and at lightning speed!

This has been much more rewarding than my prior time spent sorting

Through a poem often thwarting me with depths that do impede.

Why would anybody wrest with lengthy poems that impede?

Short is better, yes indeed.

That’s the truth and all shall know it, brevity for not just poets,

But for everyone is now a guideline we should try to heed.

Pouring out your heart and soul? Please try to have some more control,

And summarize the whole of what you feel so it fits on the feed.

No one will click through if all your thoughts extend beyond the feed.

Stick to six short lines, indeed.

Likewise, all your long descriptions cause your readers mass conniptions,

As we don’t have time to hear your paean to the poppy seed.

Better you should snap a pic, and post that photo really quick;

A picture’s worth a thousand words that no one has the time to read.

We like to look at photos much more than we like to sit and read.

Visually drawn, indeed.

Friendship now is likewise tainted, folks with whom we are acquainted

Interact by clicking "Like" on updates scrolling past their feed.

This is more efficient, rather than to go outside and gather

With friends who would sit and blather endlessly and not recede.

Who has time to spend the day with friends just talking, not recede?

That’s a now archaic deed.

Then my brain snapped to attention, as I may not need to mention,

I’d just spent three hours reading crap amidst my Facebook feed.

Time I’d thought that I was saving was just good intentions paving

Roads to hell. My mind was craving something more relaxed to read.

No more updates, just luxuriating while one thing I read.

Single-tasking? Yes indeed.

So although it seems insane, I’ve jumped the multi-tasking train,

And from this constant update madness I have found I’m briefly freed.

Not to say I won’t return, so Facebook friends, have no concern,

I’ve merely had to learn that time away is something that I need.

Is time spent in quiet focus on one thing a human need?

I would answer, Yes indeed.

Seth Brown is an award-winning humor writer, the author of ‘From God To Verse," and puts the Poe in Poetry. His website is RisingPun.com.


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