Roses and revolutions

Tuesday January 8, 2013

Harriette Leidich

As I write this column people may be assembling in Pasadena, Calif., for that great event the Tournament of Roses. Of course for some the parade on this day may be the highlight and for others it will be the football game following the parade. I was there for both of these events one year and fulfilled one of my dreams of things I wanted to do. This year I will be a spectator sitting in a comfortable place on a sofa seeing the whole show. It is good to look back and think the things that you really wanted to do in your lifetime, and I did!


I find a number of look-backs in the Today's History column in The Banner. Also on a particular date there was something about Fidel Castro overthrowing Fulgencio Batista. We were in a group who went to the island to enjoy the scenery for a few days and landed right in the middle of this revolution. Castro is still the main man there. Oh so many years ago this happened.


Included in this set of informative paragraphs was the report of the break-up of AT&T. It was held in a local school auditorium in Wilmington, Delaware. One had the choice of taking their "shares" or the money. Those who opted for shares were the wise ones.


I guess I like that Today's History column because it gives me an opportunity to look back. And looking back these days for me is a pleasure, because I have been around for some history-making events.


Christmas gift-giving always leaves me with a lot of very nice gifts and mementos. Of course there was that box of delicious chocolates from my German friends and some very dear little presents which remind me of them and our friendship. They were happy to report that their two sons have completed the first phase of their education; I can hardly believe those two youngsters are grown men now. They, like their parents, have several languages to their credit and will be using that skill as they choose their pathways in this busy world.


Thoughts of Christmas activities in one's home don't go away easily when the family comes together. Our gift-giving amongst my entire family turned out to be a huge list of special items for this old woman. One of them was a container of Postum. This drink as you may recall was taken off the market in the States, but we were told it could be bought in Canada. I never got around to get the item across the state line, but someone found a supply at the Country Store in Weston. I am back on my favorite breakfast drink made from wheat bran and molasses.

Harriette Leidich lives in North Bennington.


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