Republicans: Spare us your tirades


One aspect of the Republican party seems to be working just fine and that is it’s propaganda machine. Reading the two letters in Monday’s Banner, one could not failed to be impressed at how the talking points were all in a row.

Blame everything on Obama and, if you can, be sure to slip Benghazi in there. Shut down the government and then blame Obama and the Democrats. If the shut down increases the deficit, that is all to the good. Then, there will have to be spending cuts in social programs.

Go after the IRS particularly because they want to tax those poor millionaires and billionaires. Don’t forget to mention impeachment because the people who re-elected Obama didn’t know any better.

Karl Rove promised Romney and Ryan he would get them re-elected. Somehow those voter suppression laws didn’t work as well as expected. Let’s not let any facts interfere with what we have to say over and over again as loudly as we can in as many different venues as we can.

All I can say to Republicans is please spare us any more of those tirades. I know free speech covers lies as well as the truth, but after a while the tirades are a ridiculous waste of time.


Shaftsbury Is it really all about pitching?

A friend asked me the other day if I thought the Tigers had better pitching then the Sox. The "experts" on the TV are all saying that pitching will decide the playoffs and world series. Really? I thought baseball was about smashing a small, white, round object as hard as you can and watching it disappear into the upper deck. When guys slide "hard" into the shortstop and "take him out" by knocking his legs out from under him, that’s not pitching.

How else would you get so dirty and wear it with pride the rest of the game.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to wake these hitters up these days.




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