Record year for Vermont Lotto profits


BERLIN >> The Vermont Lottery Commission reports record breaking profits of $26,300,000 for Fiscal Year 2016. Lottery profits were up by $3.6 million over last year, and over $2.6 million higher than our prior record.

We are proud to report that Vermont Lottery profits, which go into the state's Education Fund, were able to contribute an average of $312 per student this past year. The record Powerball jackpot in January and lower fuel prices were strong contributing factors to this year's results. Additionally, Gallup Poll research from 2016 shows that higher-income Americans are more inclined to play lottery than those with lower income, and that players are evenly distributed across education levels — from high school graduates to college graduates to those with post-graduate degrees.

Starting in 1999, Vermont Lottery profits have been used to support education. Since that year we have provided almost $380,000,000 to the Education Fund. And from our beginning in 1978, the lottery has generated approximately $600,000,000 in profits returned to the state.


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