Ready to write


Harriette Leidich

I always keep a sheet of paper in my typewriter so if I am suddenly hit with something that might interest my readers I can sit right down and bring it to you. Sometimes that sheet stays in the carriage for days. However, I make haste to put words into something that I think will interest you.

I was taking my afternoon nap the other day and my phone awakened me. It was my California son with his weekly call. At 75 years of age, and with his retirement from the Methodist ministry he has been writing one-act plays with a religious slant. One has been performed in San Francisco and he hopes for others to be enacted.

I recall earlier days when this son was just a tyke he was always dreaming up stories. He majored in Journalism at Alabama University but switched his major to Religion and became an ordained minister. However, along the way, he gained interest in religious writing. Writing seems to be something he loves to do.

I just talked to Charles and he had to hang up on me because of some important changes on something he had been writing.

Those morning calls are always welcome, as I am usually up by then and wide awake. I’m sure he interrupts what he is writing to call me so early, but calls from family are welcome at any time of day.

In the "Take time for everything" department I must report that the huge jigsaw puzzle that was set up some weeks ago, is now completed. I’m getting ready for that spring porch-sitting.

Harriette Leidich is a Banner columnist.


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