Political compromise

Tuesday July 23, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised to read that both major political parties agreed upon a compromise to allow the U.S. Senate to proceed to consider nominees for office of a duly elected President of the United States.

In the past, the advice and consent role of the Senate has respectfully considered nominees and brought forth ethical objections, as appropriate.

However, recently, ideological opposition forces have used the filibuster mechanism to impose roadblocks to the functioning of government -- unintended, in my opinion, by constitutional stipulation.

Personally, I would not like to see the filibuster, per se, eliminated. Our founding fathers and crafters of our great Constitution designed such a tool to preclude hasty decisions and allow for deliberative decision-making. That being said, though, it can easily be misused and subvert the democratic process, one in which compromise is a key element. Misused, the filibuster can preclude even consideration of legislation, for example, as opposed to debate and the crafting of bipartisan agreement.

I sincerely hope that the Senate compromise referred to above can reinvigorate the notion that healthy differences of opinion and adversarial relationships exist, but that they can be used constructively to craft the best possible outcomes. That, in my opinion, is what our founding fathers had in mind -- not enmity and disruption of the democratic process and, moreover, a dysfunctional government, a government that should, ideally, stand to be "of, by and for the people" (President Abraham Lincoln; Gettysburg Address).


East Arlington Circle game

I felt the need to correct the Bennington Banner. I never enrolled my son in Mt. Anthony, since I have been paying for private school the last four years.

I have a mediation agreement with SVSU and a mediator that they never honored. Now, I’m told we need to retest my son and go through the process again. The process of unanswered calls and pretend mediations. He has been retested by Mt. Anthony and may I say there test were full of run-on sentences, typos and incorrect dates.

Mt. Anthony and SVSU inform us our son now qualifies for nothing - No HELP. That is because he does so well at the private school that we fully pay for out of our pocket. This would be a joke but it isn’t funny. This is a circle game and my son is the loser.

We want our per pupil cost now to go to Hoosac School where he is entering 10th grade and doing so well as Mt. Anthony informed us. They said that they agree he has a learning disability, but he doesn’t qualify. Now he gets retested again, at the taxpayers cost which I have been for 32 years, this will continue the process, with no end in site.



Re: Babe Ruth league coverage

On Monday, July 15 you showed pictures and a story about District 2 championships. You also ran a story about Post 13’s win against Bellows Falls on the same Saturday.

What happened?? You can’t give space to the Babe Ruth league who also played on Saturday and won both games 9 to 1 and 8 to 1 against Barre. These boys worked hard and are headed to St. Albans this weekend for States. Wouldn’t it be nice to also give them the credit they deserve.

Plus, give a round of thanks to the parents who keep their kids from hanging on Main Street. They bring them to their practices and are there cheering them on during their games.




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