Not so perplexing

Saturday August 24, 2013

Don Keelan ("The dichotomy of Vermont," Banner, Aug. 10-11,2013) has noticed that something has changed in the past 40 years. He says the social/cultural infrastructure has gotten worse, not better. He says that the avalanche of abuse against women and children is perplexing. "What ever changed the character of the Vermont male in such a short period of time?" he asks.

Illegal drug use is up. Homelessness is up. But perplexing, it is not. I and many others predicted this, way back in the 1970s. We were laughed at. And now, here we are!

We have switched Gods. We can’t pray to the creator God anymore, but our teachers have taught us well, how to pray (write a letter/fill out a form) to our governing god. We all know we can’t save ourselves, but not to worry. Our president and our congressmen say they will answer our prayers and save us. And so we worship them as they use our money to build more homes for the homeless, more jails for the men, and more counselors for the abused women and children. And don’t worry about no-fault divorce and gay marriage, the children don’t really need both a mom and a dad anyway.

The bottom line of our national religion, evolution, is that we have no purpose for our existence. We are just an accidental result of an explosion. We can pretend we have value, but we are all actually meaningless, so why should I accept your values? You should all accept mine, right? If I believe in evolution, I have no answer to those questions.

Keelan ends his column by saying, "Somehow, the phrases ‘take personal responsibility’ and ‘unacceptable behavior’ must be allowed back into the Vermont dialogue."

Evolution theology has set us all free to decide for ourselves just what that means. The problem is, all of us ‘random accidents of an explosion’ can’t seem to agree.

On the other hand, if we have been created on purpose, well, isn’t it true that the guy that designed the -- whatever -- would most likely know how it functions best?

If I put mud in the gas tank of my car because it doesn’t cost as much as gas, even though the manual says it only runs on gas, why am I perplexed when it doesn’t work?


Buskirk, NY


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