Multi-dimensional art show opens

Thursday November 29, 2012

CHESTER -- Five Vermont artists working in varied two and three dimensional mediums open a new show at the Vermont Institute of Cåontemporary Arts in Chester on Friday, Nov. 30. Titled "Expressions" the gallery show and sale captures a full spectrum of contemporary art styles. The public is invited to a free gallery opening in the evening from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Bronze and alabaster nests, wall sculptures made from found objects and dynamic abstract paintings created by Blake Larsen of Essex Junction, Mareva Millarc of Middletown Springs, Pat Musick of Manchester Center, Polly Whitcomb of Springfield and Johanne Durocher Yordan of Burlington will be featured. The show will be on display through Jan. 27,2013.

Blake Larsen describes his work as "all of my life I have been passionate about color and about women Š figurative works are many and varied, inspired by Van Gogh to Lucian Freud, from Katz to Close." Larsen’s sense of the social and moral obligations of art to society were honed during his years in Mexico. His work can best be described as abstract expressionist forms born of intense and saturated color, and the female form delineated with brilliant expressionistic color.

Mareva Millarc’s unrehearsed acrylic and oil paper and canvas works are infused with color and verve. Her earliest artistic influences came from her father, William Millarc, also an abstract expressionist painter. There is a sense of playfulness exhibited in titles such as "Rollercoaster", "Going Green" and "The Stretch."

Using stone, steel, wood, canvas and kozo paper, and beeswax, Pat Musick expresses the relationship between mankind and the environment, and the tensions exerted on each. She makes both large and small indoor sculptures and outdoor sculptures. At VTica, the gallery will display a special selection of alabaster and bronze nests and "nest" prints created in charcoal and clay wash.

Polly Whitcomb is fascinated with "old things" describing the creative process as "from the heap of collected stuff I make a selection that combines with the clay pieces into a satisfying whole. Each completed piece is different and is partially determined by the nature of the ‘find’." Before returning to her native Springfield last year, Whitcomb lived near Santa Fe for more than two decades.

Freedom and emotion are the hallmarks of the painting style of Johanne Durocher Yordan. Primarily self-taught, some of Yordan’s paintings are deliberate and are meant to evoke specific emotions while others are an exploration of technique, color and texture. Many of her paintings are well planned while others are very impromptu. Yordan will give a gallery talk at VTica on Jan. 12, 2012 at 7 p.m.

VTica is open Wednesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Sunday from noon - 5 p.m. For more information, telephone 802-875-1018; e-mail is; website is


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