Morning Briefing -- Friday


Friday, Aug. 15

Night walk and campfire

NORTH DORSET -- Stay up late and experience Emerald Lake State Park beneath the stars. Every Friday though Labor Day Weekend the park naturalist will present a Night Walk at 9 p.m. and a Campfire program on Saturday at 9 p.m.

During the Friday Night Walk visitors will find out how nocturnal animals live and thrive. We will walk silently like a fox, listen like a deer, and understand how owls see. During the Saturday Campfire, silly songs will be sung, traditional animal stories shared, and lots of nutty jokes cracked. Visitors will also be challenged with Vermont trivia.

The Night Walk starts by the Nature Center and you can join the Campfire Program by the day use parking lot. Look for the Campfire sandwich board sign. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Recommended age is 7 and above. All programs are free of charge, but do not include the entrance fee to the park which is $3 per adult, $2 per child. Emerald Lake State Park is located at 65 Emerald Lake Lane.

For more information about these activities or nature beach programs, free guided paddles or hikes, call 802-362-1655.

RANKS boot camp

BENNINGTON -- The Green Mountain Cadet program is looking for young high school men and women to join them this summer in their leadership training. This year's boot camp will run August 15,16,17 at the Source Building behind MAUHS. Training will start at 1 p.m. on Friday and will include a free visit to Bennington CrossFit on Sunday.

The Green Mountain Cadet program is based on the teachings and philosophy of the U.S. military organizations. In its third year the RANKS is a high school exclusive program for young men and women that are interested in pursuing a possible career in the military. Cadet instructors are members of the military, either past or present and high school students that have gained the rank of Drill Sergeant. The Cadet Program will run as a quasi military unit with emphasis on the development of body, mind and spirit, as the key elements. Through a challenging, supportive and encouraging atmosphere, each cadet will have the opportunity to develop through personal experience, an increased level of self-confidence and self-reliance, and personal pride. This program will develop leadership qualities by recognizing excellence resulting in promotion in rank. Those that stick with the program will attain the full Cadet uniform with accompanying rank insignia. The participants will learn discipline, dedication, motivation, responsibility and accountability.

The RANKS Boot Camp 2014 program will establish and promote a physical program that is challenging, exciting and rewarding. We will encourage and aid our cadets to test their physical, emotional and mental limits in a realistic, safe and wholesome training environment. Besides PT, the Cadet Drill Sergeants will introduce D&C, military training, team building and first aid.

There is no charge for this summer Boot Camp and breakfast and lunch are included on Saturday, breakfast only on Sunday. This program is for any male or female of high school age with an interest in the military. Permission forms will be required, as will a signed waiver and release of liability.

Sign up or request more info by calling Bob Marine at 802-733-7753 or emailing him at

Bennington Dance

Community Gathering

BENNINGTON -- Come dance at Nataraja, a monthly gathering for the local dance community on the third Friday of each month. The next gathering will be today from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at The Yoga Place (532 Main St., over Panache).

The forming of Nataraja came out of a desire from and for dancers of any shape, size and ability to have a safe and fun place to find their artistic expression. Talking is kept to a minimum. Bring your water bottle and there will be no alcohol or mind-altering substances. Each person is asked for a $5 donation, with the proceeds to be donated to The Greater Bennington Interfaith Council's Food Pantry or the Homeless Shelter.

Music is eclectic and will vary each month. All dancers welcomed to help create an all-inclusive and tight-knit dance community. Call 720-298-7910 for more information.

Jerry Trudell at the Four Corners in Bennington

BENNINGTON -- On Friday, August 15, Jerry Trudell, Independent Congressional Candidate, will be blowing the whistle on a sluggish economy and an even more sluggish Congress, at noon.

Contact Jerry Trudell at 802-399-8805 or by emailing him at


Democratic Caucus to meet

BENNINGTON -- The Democratic Town Committee of Bennington will hold a caucus for the purpose of electing nominees to stand for election as justice of the peace on the 2014 general election ballot.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 20, in the BankNorth Room of the Bennington Free Library.

All Democrats are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Judy Murphy, Democratic chair of the Town of Bennington, at 802-442-8816.


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