More letters: No more subsidized housing in Bennington


Bill Wolfe’s letter of August 6 echoed some of my concerns about the proposed Shire’s Apartments on Silver Street, as did Kathy Hoisington’s letter of a couple of weeks ago.

One nagging questions that I have had is why are people, who seem to be unemployed, coming to Bennington?

One person, who knows more about the housing situation than I do, told me that they come here for the subsidized housing.

When I was young, Bennington had a good balance of manufacturing, commercial and service businesses. Incomes were good enough to allow mothers to be housewives, and most people lived in single-family houses or duplexes.

However, now the town is out of balance and there are many unemployed or underemployed people here.

Therefore, we don’t need to invite more people to come to Bennington when there is no employment for them by building more subsidized housing.

Silver Street is narrow and already congested. Shires Apartments would exacerbate the congestion. Also, Shires Apartments would be out of character in the neighborhood of single-family residences in the upper Silver Street area.

I am opposed to Bennington accepting the $700,000 grant for the construction of the Shires Apartments.




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