Meetings This Week


Monday, Jan. 6

Pownal Elementary School Board

Pownal Elementary School Library at 7 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Executive Session or Personnel and Contacts 2. 2014 Budget Work Session 3. Other Sunderland Selectboard

Sunderland Elementary School at 7 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Call to Order 2. Introduction of those present by chair 3. Approval of minutes from previous meetings 4. Reports from Road Liaison and/or Highway Foreman 5. Old and Unfinished Business A. Kelley Stand Reconstruction update B. Budgeting- Review of proposed budget 6. New Business A. Sunderland Safe Roads committee presentation B. Reminder for anyone seeking election or reelection to submit a petition 7. Review of bills and signing of selectboard’s orders 8. Review of correspondence.

Mt. Anthony Union High School Finance Committee

SVSU Central Office Conference Room at 5 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Executive Session for Personnel and Contracts 2. 2014 Budget Work Session 3. Other

SVSU Policy Drafting Committee

Supervisory Union Offices Conference Room at 4:30 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Public Comment 2. #5003 Bullying Prevention A. Potential policy topics related to employee expectations 1. Employee Ethics 2. Student Relations 3. #5156 Student Nutrition and Wellness 4. #6350 Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion, and Acceleration of Students 5. #5030 Attendance Procedures 6. Tracking Sheet 7. Other FYI 1. Current SVSU policies related to expectations for employees: #4001 Harassment of Employees, #4003 Bullying Prevention, #4100 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace, #4400 Safety and Security of Employees 2. A sample policy and brochure related to public participation at board meetings.

Bennington Planning Commission

Town Office Conference Room at 5:15 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Review of Kocher Drive Bike/Ped Improvements Conceptual Plan 2. Bike/Ped Projects Update 3. 2014 Work Plan- Premilinary Discussion 4. Other Business

Wednesday, Jan. 8

SVRTSD Education/

Facilities Committee

CDC Conference Room at 3 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Agriculture Program 2. High School/CDC Room Use (need a classroom for Agriculture) 3. Duplication of Classes 4. Program Viability/Student Numbers (may require executive session) 5. Other.

Woodford School Board

Woodford Hollow School at 3 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Public Comments 2. 2015 Budget Work Session 3. Action Items A. Financial 1. Treasurer’s Report: Dec., 2013 B. Consent Agenda 1. Minutes 12/4/13 2. Warrants 3. Resignations (None) 4. Leave of Absence Request (None) 5. Nominations (None) 6. Field Trips A. May 19-23: Silver Bay, N.Y. Nature’s Classroom at YMCA Conference Ctr. C. Policies 1. #4035 Conflict of Interest in Hiring ADOPT 2. #5002 Prevention of Harassment of Students ADOPT 4. Reports A. Principal, Sandy Foster B. Superintendent, Catherine McClure 1. Legislative Breakfast Jan. 20 C. Chair, Mark Tilley 1. Food Service Committee (Next meeting date 1/16) 5. Other 6. FYI A. Budget Status Report B. SVSU Student Enrollment for January 7. Executive Session if necessary.

Thursday, Jan. 9

Pownal Selectboard

Town Office at 7 p.m.

Meeting Agenda: TBR

Additional Items: Hoosick River Hydro intends to submit an EPA cleanup grant application for the former tannery hydro site located in North Pownal. The informational meeting coincides with the Selectboard’s regular meeting. Public comments/questions are welcome.

Bennington School Board

Bennington Elementary Budget Work Session Music Room from 5 to 6 p.m. Regular Meeting Music Room at 6 p.m.

Agenda: 1. Presentation: None 2. Task List from last meeting 3. Citizens’ Comments 4. Financial Report A. Treasurer’s Report, December 5. Personnel 6. Consent Agenda 7. Educational Matters A. Regular Education 1. Anticipated Resources from the participation of Bennington and Molly Stark Elementary Schools in SWIFT 2. Vermont Award: 37 Million for Universal Pre-K B. Special Education 1. Status of Special Education Focused Monitoring Response 8. Policies A. #4035 Conflict of Interest in Hiring ADOPT B. #5002 Prevention of Harassment of Students ADOPT 9. Old Business (None) 10. Committee/Board Meeting Reports A. FSAC Next Meeting 1/16 B. SVSU Technology Committee, next meeting 1/9 11. Chair’s Report 12. Superintendent’s Report A. Next SVSU Legislative Breakfast 1/20 13. Other 14. FYI A. SVSU Student Enrollment for January B. Budget Status Report 15. Task List Review for this meeting 16. Adjourn by 9 p.m. Executive Session if necessary.

Saturday, Jan. 11

Bennington Selectboard

Town Office Conference Room at 8 a.m.

Meeting Agenda: FY 2015 Budget Work Session A. Highway Fund Budget B. Finish General Fund Budget C. Agency Interviews (if any) D. Executive Session 1. Personnel- Set Salaries for town manager, town clerk and treasurer E. Finalize Budget Work


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