Meetings This Week


Monday, March 31 Bennington Housing Authority

Willowbrook Apartments at 4 p. m.

Agenda: Regular meeting: 1. Approve Jan. 27 minutes 2. Resolution #445, Approval of the Bennington Housing Authority’s 5 Year Plan 3. Public questions, comments or concerns 4. Staff Reports 5. Financial Reports 6. Executive Directors Report A. Occupancy B. Dilinquent Accounts C. Miscellaneous Information 7. Set the Date for the April meeting 8. Other Business A. ROSS grant B. REAC Inspection Scores.

Tuesday, April 1

SVRTSD Finance Committee

CDC Conference Room, 5 p. m.

Agenda: 1. Address $80,000 shortfall in 2015 budget 2. Possible Executive Session for Personnel 3. Other.

SVRTSD Education/Facilities Committee

CDC Conference Room, 5:45 p. m.

Agenda: 1. Possible program and staff reduction 2. Possible executive session for personnel 3. Other.

Wednesday, April 2

Grandview Cemetery Annual Meeting

North Bennington St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, 7 p. m.

Woodford School District Board

Woodford Hollow School, 3 p. m.

Agenda: 1. Public Comments 2. Action Items A. Financial a. Treasurer’s Report: March, 2014 b. SVSU Special Education Assessment B. Consent Agenda a. MInutes b. Warrants c. Resignations d. Leave of Absence Requests (none) e. Nominations (none) f. Field Trips : June 5, Bronx Zoo, Grades K-6 C. District to district Tuition Students 2013-14, 2014-15 D. Policies 3. Reports A. Principal, Sandy Foster B. Superintendent, Catherine McClure a. Legislative Breakfast will meet April 7, rescheduled from March 24 C. Chair, Mark Tilley and Principal, Sandy Foster a. Food Service Committee report for March 20 4. Other 5. FYI A. Budget Status Report B. SVSU Student Enrollment for April C. Woodford Board Members D. SVSU 2014-15 School Calendar 6. Executive Session if necessary.

Pownal Development Review Board

Town Office, 6 p. m.

Agenda: 1. Approval of April 2 agenda 2. Approval of March 5 Regular Meeting minutes 3. Approval of March 5 Public Hearing minutes re: permit #NB140001 4. Approval of Finding of facts minutes of March 5 re: Stewart’s, permit #NB140001 5. Mail 6. Guest 7. Public Comments 8. Other Business. Adjourn.

Bennington School District Board of Directors

Monument Elementary, 7 p.m.

Agenda: 1. Presentation: reference agenda item 7A 2. Citizens’ comments 3. Task List from last meeting 4. Finance/Facilities A. Treasurer’s Report, February B. Molly Stark Security and Stage Product C. FY2015 Budget 5. Personnel 6. Consent agenda 7. Educational Matters A. Regular Education 1. School Effectiveness Work a. Green Mountain Star b. SWIFT c. Trauma Sensitive Schools (Adverse Childhood Experiences) B. Special Education 1. Responding to changes in Special Education population and programming for FY’15 8. Policies 9. Old Business A. District Student Distribution 2014-15 10. Committee/Board Meeting Reports A. FSAC, March 20 B. SVSU Technology Committee, March 27 C. Teacher Negotiation Status 11. Chair’s Report A. Board Member List, Verification B. VSBA Training Report: Essential Work of Vermont School Boards 12. Superintendent’s Report A. SVSU Legislative Breakfast, April 7 13. Other 14. FYI A. SVSU Student enrollment for April B. Budget Status Report C. Minutes of Annual District Floor Meeting, March 3: Unapproved D. SVSU 2014-15 School Calendar 15. Task List Review for this meeting 16. Executive Session for personnel. Adjourn.


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