Monday, April 4

Bennington Application Review Panel: Town Office Conference Room, 205 South Street, 4:30 p.m. Agenda: 1. Milo Campbell, 554 Gulley Lane: seeking approval of a special event.

Shaftsbury Select Board: Cole Hall, 6:30 p.m. Agenda: 1. Call to Order 2. Conflict of Interest Statement 3. Approval of Minutes 4. Warrants 5. Announcements 6. Public Comments 7. Treasurer's Report- Melanie Dexter a. Audit Report Sullivan Powers b. Fraud Policy c. Investment Policy d. Reserve Fund Balance Policy 8. Road Foreman Report a. RFP Chip Seal Paran Acres b. RFP Reclaim-Cold Mix- Chip Seal Hewitt and Harvest Hills 9. Selectboard Goal 2016 a. Garage b. Dailey Building c. Zoning Bylaws Rewrite d. Southern Vermont Economic Development Zone (SVEDZ) e. Long Term Personnel Strategy for Water Dept. 10. Town Parks 11. Town Administrators Report 12. Other Business 13. Review of Action Items 14. Executive Session Real Estate/Personnel 15. Adjournment

Sunderland Select Board: Sunderland Town Hall, 7 p.m. Agenda: 1. Call to order. 2. Introduction of those present 3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting 4. Reports from Road Liaison and/or Highway Foreman 5. Town Audit discussion - update 6. Junk update 7. Appointment of School Board Liaison to keep apprised of reserve fund and what is being planned 8. Approval of 2016 emergency document 9. Safe Road committee 10. Zoning Bylaw update discussion/decision - cost, what is being updated, who should do this? 11. Town wide Tax revaluation - Discuss/decide on sending letter to residents 12. Review of bills and signing of Select Board's orders. 13. Review of correspondence

Tuesday, April 5

Bennington Development Review Board: Bennington Fire Facility, third floor, 6:30 p.m. Agenda: 1. Minutes 2. Interested Persons - Appeal Rights - Reading of witness' oath 3. Disclosure of Ex parte Communications and Conflicts of Interest 4. BLS Bennington LC & AutoZone Parts, Inc., 214 & 216 Northside Drive: seeking approval of a Planned Unit Development plan and design plan for a new 8000 sq. ft. retail store. 5. Milo Campbell, 554 Gulley Lane: seeking approval of a special event. 6. Other Business.

Winhall School Board: Winhall Town Office, Bondville, 5 p.m. Special meeting. Agenda: 1. Call to Order 2. Discussion - Real Estate (Executive Session Requested) 3. Discussion - Transportation Coordinator 4. Next meeting June 21 5. Adjournment

Wednesday, April 6

Bennington School Board: Molly Stark Elementary, 7 p.m. Executive session for Principal Search Class Room #48 Regular meeting immediately following in All Purpose Room. Agenda: 1. Citizens' Comments 2. Code of Ethics 3. Presentation: Technology, Frank Barnes 4. Task List from Last Meeting 5. Finance/Facilities A. Treasurer's Report, March B. Accept Grant from Delhaize American Shared Services Group LLC (Hannaford) for $500 C. Approve Phone Bid Action Requested 6. Consultant for Construction project 7. Consent Agenda 8. Educational Matters A. Regular Education Action Requested 1. Donna MacKenzie, Molly Stark Elementary Principal 2. Written report from Bennington Elementary 3. Written report from Monument Elementary 9. Policies Enclosed and A. #1020 Visits to Schools WARN B. #5145 Condom Availability WARN 10. Superintendent's Report 11. Committee/Board Meeting Reports A. FSAC B. SVSU: March 23 12. Chair's Report 13. Other 14. FYI A. Budget Status Report B. SVSU Student Enrollment, April. 15. Task List Review for this meeting.


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