Man accused of forging dead brother's signature


BENNINGTON >> A North Bennington man is accused of having someone try to cash his dead brother's paycheck.

Trevor J. Hoag, 41, pleaded not guilty Sept. 20 to felony counts of forgery, and forgery - utter/publish an instrument. He was held at the Rutland jail for lack of $1,500 bail.

According to an affidavit by Vermont State Trooper Justin Walker, on Aug. 19 he learned of a Dorset man who had been given a check by Emily Gillis, 36, of Dorset, to settle a debt, but the bank refused to process it.

The check was for $505 written by NSK Steering Systems to Kerry Hoag, 37, who was killed in a car crash on Aug. 4, a day before the check was issued. The bank refused to cash it because Hoag was not present.

Gillis told police that in early August, Trevor Hoag found Kerry's Hoag's check in the mail. The two shared the same address. Gillis said Trevor forged Kerry's signature and asked her to go cash it because he doesn't have a bank account. Gillis attempted to do this, but the bank refused. She said Hoag was planning to split the check with someone other than her, so she opted to give it to her landlord to pay back rent.

On Sept. 19, Walker spoke to Trevor Hoag, who indicated that he knew why police wanted to talk to him. He said Gillis is out to get him and cited a Sept. 11 incident where she and two other people allegedly broke into his house and threatened him.

Gillis pleaded not guilty on Sept. 12 to a felony count of burglary, along with Joshua T. Amidon, 39, and Alexander Johnson, 55, both of of Manchester Center. The three are accused of forcing their way into Hoag's home and threatening him.

Hoag blamed Gillis for the missing check, saying she had access to the home where it would have been. He said a backpack also came up missing. He added that he was not on any surveillance cameras.

Walker noted that he had said nothing to Hoag at this point about Gillis, a missing check, or any kind of forgery. Hoag also said that the check nor the backpack were ever reported stolen.

There are no court records that show Gillis has been charged in connection with the alleged forgery, however a State Police press release indicated that she had been cited.

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