Makayla McGeeney | Bigger than biceps: Bettering your body by eating breakfast


After sleeping for eight hours, the first thing a human needs when they wake up is fuel, as if the rest isn't enough for energy.

Break-fast, a break from your eight hour fast, is something a lot of people skip — a bad habit to adopt. Some may drink coffee for their fuel and others might just grab an apple to go, but the saying 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' stays.

Featured in Best Health Magazine, Registered Dietician Gillian Proctor-Ronald and owner of Fuel Nutrition said that your body can't start up without food. Even though you may not have an appetite in the morning, try showering and getting ready for the day and then eating—or even bringing something to eat at work. Some people who start their day before the sun is up may not feel like eating until hours later, and that's fine too. After fasting for eight hours, your body will go into starvation mode if you continue on for hours after without eating.

Proctor-Ronald suggests drinking a glass of water with lemon upon waking up to rev up the metabolism and get your system churning. If nothing else, it's getting something in your stomach.

I find that after a hard workout in the morning, I rarely want to sit down and gorge in eggs and toast, so instead I make a fruit or vegetable protein smoothie. It's liquid and convenient to bring on my commute to work and if I don't want it right away, I can refrigerate it and have it when I am hungry. Sometimes I even craft a breakfast burrito with a spinach wrap eggs, avocado, black beans and salsa - which is extremely filling. Breakfast food doesn't always have to be breakfast food. The other night I made a protein pumpkin, dark chocolate muffin for dessert, and it felt more satisyfing than when I tried eating it for breakfast a few days prior.

Proctor-Ronald said food is food and if you want leftover pizza for breakfast, chances are your stomach won't say no.

I suppose you aren't going to start eating breakfast now just because an article suggest you should, but it's something good to start practicing. One way to get in the hang of it would be to stop eating before 8 p.m. the night before. I found that my friends who didn't eat breakfast, tend to eat a lot of carbohydrate snacks before going to sleep around 10 p.m. Even if I do have a late night snack I make sure to eat breakfast to start the day's cycle of nourishment.

Keep in mind that you can eat whatever you want for breakfast, but a coffee and a sugary donut or cereal will not provide you with desired energy for the morning, in which case a crash might hit you around early afternoon. At this point, grab a handful of nuts and a yogurt to recharge.

Whether or not this is something you work on now in your life, other factors may influence it down the line. If you have children, who need to be fed at certain times, you may find you pick up on their meal times.

Not all breakfast food works best for everyone and some may get nauseous at the thought of eating so early, but shop around and figure out what foods and times work best for you to take the best care of your body right now.

—Makayla-Courtney McGeeney is a health and wellness reporter at the Bennington Banner and can be reached at (802)-447-7567, ext. 118. or on Twitter @MC_McGeeney.


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