Local news should have taken backseat to national

Saturday April 20, 2013


With all the major events that are happening in the world right now, does a minor conflict between the Woodford town clerk and select board really warrant a front-page headline in a bold font that is twice the size of the headlines for the article on the FBI issuing photos of the Boston bombing suspects and the article about fire damage delaying the opening of the Bennington Welcome Center? And does such a comparatively minor issue really warrant to be front-page at all, and "above the fold?" Come on! Let’s get real!

On this same front page (Friday, April 19), the article about the rescuers searching for survivors of the fertilizer plant explosion is below the fold, and its title is in a much smaller font than the supposedly sensational, shocking, provocative local "news" of someone using inappropriate language.

Yes, there’s conflict between the Woodford town clerk and select board. Mr. Higgins acknowledges that he used inappropriate language. But is this issue so newsworthy as to be so prominently displayed on the Banner’s front page, overshadowing the much more serious, life-impacting subjects that were relegated to secondary positions on this page?

I had hoped that our new editor would bring a lot more "class" to our only local paper. But that does not seem to be the case.

All I can say is, "Really?"



Taking exception
to Tina Dupuy column

Tina Dupuy’s latest column on the supposed idiocy of the Theory of Creationism not only further confirms that Ms. Dupuy is unquestionably one of the most intolerant individuals on the face of the planet but also simultaneously provides insight that points to a possible genetic component at work here that explains her routine riotous rants against organized religion: her mitochondrial DNA came from a woman who purportedly referred to the majority of texts in existence as "devil books" and informed her that T-Rex was left ashore by Noah because he didn’t fit on the ark.

For the longest time I have pondered as to why Tina is so obviously "ticked-off" all the time, but at last now I have some evidence to begin to comprehend why.

Try to loosen up a little, Tina. The "lesser minds" such as Sir Issac Newton for example, or the thousands of contemporary learned peer-reviewed scientists and physicians along with the majority of the inhabitants of Planet Earth who espouse spirituality of one type or another and agree that there might just be forces at work in this world that even "great minds" such as yours and your companions cannot explain, empathize with your repeated childhood traumas -- particularly those ones revolving around Santa Claus. Nevertheless try to realize that despite the conflicting theories and differences of opinion and faiths that abound, you of all people ought to be grateful for that "freedom of choice" that liberally allows certainly for each us to pursue belief systems unencumbered and unmolested.

Realizing this, you should now be well aware that you also still have ample opportunity to once again delight in your long-ago "enthusiasm for Tyrannosaurus Rex." He was one mighty magnificent creature. And that I do happen to unequivocally agree with you on.




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