Letters: Wish the authorities could correct this

Wednesday July 3, 2013

In reference to the article in the Banner on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, "Woman and friend’s father facing charges stemming from crashes," I dispute the supposed statement, that Chester Watson was witnessed by me helping the woman in the article remove her car from my fence. I personally did not witness the crash or the removal of the car from my fence -- I was in my house at that time.

I am very upset that my statement of the accident have been embellished or mistaken from my actual words, since I neither implied or wrote that I witnessed Mr. Watson remove the car. I simply wish that the authorities could correct this and get it right. TRUTH!!!



The evidence on superintendent speaks to the contrary

For the record and upfront, I am a teacher. With that said, please don’t dismiss me as a "Canini supporter" because I am "on the payroll." I have participated in the lives of our community’s children for 26 years, and while I am proud to be a member of our outstanding faculty, that is not all that I am. Like most in this community, I wear many hats. I am a parent of three CCS graduates who graced our halls individually for 13 years, collectively for 39 years. I am a homeowner. I am a taxpayer. I am the wife of a small business owner. And, I am an active community member.

It is in all of these roles that I have met, worked with, and in some cases, survived or endured the various superintendents of our school.

It is from these experiences that I can confidently say that working for, and with, Mr. Canini has been both a privilege and an honor. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t always agree but it is without doubt, I know that we can "agree to disagree" and respect the fact that he is always focused on the best interest of our children and our district So I guess that makes me, in this contentious climate, a "Canini supporter."

On that note, lets review the facts of the controversy. I attended the BOE meeting on June 18, 2012 where Mr. Woodcock and Mr. Romack, along with Ms. Herrington chose not to extend Mr. Canini’s contract. All three BOE members stated clearly at that meeting that Mr. Canini had, in their own words "done a terrific job," "second a great job," and finally Ms. Herrington stated, "done a good job, got a great evaluation [and the vote] has nothing to do with how we feel you’ve done as an administrator." Doesn’t that just say it all? Not one had concerns with his performance as our superintendent or the job he had done leading our school.

(Doubt it? The entire discussion can be heard at http://cambridgeboardwatch.com/CCSpage.html It begins around the 2-hour mark and runs for about 8 minutes.)

In addition to my shock that someone could receive a good evaluation and be denied a contract extension, I have read Mr. Canini’s current [2013] evaluation, as he does have the right to share it. Mr. Baker-Porzinski is absolutely correct when he states that in ALL areas, Mr. Canini "meets or exceeds expectations." In addition, thank you to recent online comments by EdConcern and CCS Alumni, for linking Mr. Canini’s contract which also calls under Article II.8 for "The Board, individually and collectively, shall promptly and discretely refer to the superintendent, in writing, for his study and recommendation, any and all criticisms, complaints, suggestions, communications or comments regarding the administration of the District of the Superintendent’s performance of his duties." To date, Mr. Canini has received no written complaints. So, ironically, the reasons for the three current BOE members refusal to extend his contract, are not found in Mr. Woodcock’s, Romack’s or Ms. Herrington’s 2012 comments nor are they, according to the superintendent’s contract, been presented to him in writing.

Shame on you, BOE majority, for continuously attempting to shift the focus of your unsupported position to the previous BOE members or Mr. Canini’s current evaluation as neither holds any water, the evidence overwhelmingly speaks to the contrary.

And who, in their right mind, would come work in a district where the quality of the job you do is not the measure by which you are evaluated? Especially when the measure being applied continues to be shrouded in mystery.


Cambridge, N.Y. Appreciates coverage, support of Olympic Day

I would like to express my thanks to the Banner, and particularly Adam Samrov, for the great coverage provided for Olympic Day at Willow Park on June 23.

I really enjoyed meeting some young future Olympians and their parents, and wish them all the best with their future athletic endeavors. Thanks to all the parents and kids who attended.

Thanks also to coach Robbie Short and the MAUHS ski team, The Bank of Bennington, and the Bill Koch Youth Ski League for providing volunteer support.

We also appreciated the donation of the water from Hannaford’s, the fabrication of our medals by Kaman Composites, and the donation of some gym equipment by the North Bennington and Shaftsbury elementary schools.



U.S. Ski Team


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