Letters: Why is this race close?

Saturday October 13, 2012

Why is this race so close?

It amazes me how the polls for the Presidential election seem to be so close. If the electorate watched the news carefully there should be a 20-point lead for soon to be President Romney.

There has never been an administration as obvious about ignoring the Constitution as this one. The president by executive order gives amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants to get their votes.

Do a Google search when President Obama took office the price of gas was $1.68; now it is $3.85 to $4 a gallon. The energy secretary said that gas should be $8 to $10 dollars a gallon. This administration using the EPA has closed 100 of the 500 coal-fired electric plants in the country and plans to close another 200 by 2014. As President Obama said when he was elected he would put coal out of business.

But if you are George Kaiser, a political bundler who raised $50,000 for the president’s 2008 campaign, you can get government grants and grantees worth $535 million for the failed Solyndra solar company. We in this country using solar, wind, clean coal, natural gas, oil, and ethanol can and should be energy independent. If the administration wasn’t at the mercy of the radical environmental nut cases in the Democratic Party. This story from "ABC News" not exactly a right-wing publication.

When the Fast and Furious gun scandal blew up in Attorney General Eric Holder’s face, why did President Obama use executive privilege if he didn’t know about it or was not involved?

If America was energy independent, oil prices would be down and we would not have fought three wars and 911 probably would not have happened. When we elect President Romney we will have a proven leader and businessman who can get this country moving again.




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