Letters: What Sunderland should know about town hall plans

Thursday December 13, 2012

The proposed Sunderland town hall building blueprints have NOT been finalized.

The blueprints for this building have not even been started yet, and will not commence until and unless a successful bond vote is achieved in March, 2013.

The documents that have been prepared for the New Town Hall Building and presented to the Selectboard are Preliminary Design Drawings only, accompanied by a Preliminary Cost Estimate for the proposed construction of the project.

According to specific language contained in the Request for Proposals for Architectural Services which was approved and advertised by the Selectboard on July 21, 2012, "a design meeting with the Building Committee and the Selectboard to review the preliminary design plans, discuss and agree on design changes, review budget and schedule, identify potential issues yet to be resolved, and coordinate remaining tasks," is scheduled to be conducted following a successful bond vote in March, 2013.

It would seem reasonable to expect elected officials, entrusted with the disbursement of public trust funds, to understand the terms of the contracts they sign, including the basis under which they are signed, especially when those contracts are subject to the specific conditions contained in documents approved and advertised by those same officials.

It would also seem reasonable to expect elected public officials to at least read their own contract documents and exercise more prudence or discretion before publishing misleading and erroneous opinions regarding town business, especially regarding a subject of such great importance.


Licensed Registered Architect



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