Letters: Vote yes on May 6


On May 6, voters in Bennington will be asked to vote on the Bennington School District’s budget. This is an extremely important vote, for it affects not only the Bennington schools but also the schools in other districts and the high school and middle school. Without a passed budget it is difficult for MAU and other districts to plan for the coming academic year.

The BSD Board has little control over the majority of factors that caused an increase in the tax rate. They have made an effort to cut their budget wherever possible, without hurting the education of its students.

During the past year significant improvement has been made in the educational program offered at the Bennington schools. This has resulted in the need to offer, at the middle school, advanced classes to entering students.

Our schools influence how others view Bennington. We must continue to support our schools and the educational programs they offer.

Please vote "yes" on May 6.



With sincere gratitude

On Monday, April 7, we were dealt a devastating blow at the loss of our father, son, brother and friend -- Gary Ward.

It’s clear Gary was loved and respected because we have been blessed with so many caring thoughts, sincere cards, gorgeous flowers, and memorable visits. With your support, we’ve been able to see a glimmer of light in our saddest days. In addition, we’ve received generous gifts, donations and beautiful flowers that have warmed our hearts tremendously.

We’re grateful for Bill Hurley and the team at Mahar & Son Funeral Home for their attention, comfort and patience. We’re grateful for the American Legion Post 13 for opening their doors allowing us to time reflect and grieve together. We’re grateful for the Manchester Rescue Squad who quickly brought Gary to the SVMC ER department where he was given immediate attention. We’re grateful for the Neuro ICU team at Albany Medical Center for their continuous care and honesty. To all of those who donated to Second Chance Animal Shelter, your donations are truly appreciated.

Finally, we honor you -- our family and friends, near and far, for your love, support and allegiance. Our words can’t express the intense gratitude we feel for all that you’ve done and will continue to do for our family. Please know we are blessed and thankful for your support, generosity and kindness during our darkest days.




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