Letters: Vote Mitch Race for Shaftsbury Select Board

Monday February 25, 2013

It takes special people to get involved in town issues. People who are concerned about a towns past history and it's future development often don't come forth and commit themselves to the better good of a community. They many times remain private and communally uninvolved.

Generally a handful of people come forth and commit to serve for the good of all. Shaftsbury has been fortunate in having had good dedicated people serving on its' various town boards. It is always unfortunate when good people step down from their boards. Replacing these individuals is always difficult. Fortunately for the Select Board and the Town of Shaftsbury we have an excellent, open minded and dedicated person in Mitch Race. Mitch is willing to work hard for the next three years by filling the vacancy that the retirement of Lon McClintock has created. Mitch for the past few years has faithfully attended Planning, D.R.B. and Select Board meetings. He has been a very good listener with an open-minded attitude. He has a deep passion for our town's historical past and he possesses technology skills and money management knowledge that will serve our towns future very well. Mitch wants fiscal responsibility!

Two years ago Mitch stepped up and took over the responsibility of being President of the Shaftsbury Historical Society. He has worked tirelessly on various projects. The 250th Celebration at the Galusha Homestead was a great success along with several other projects that Mitch has been involved in for the Historical Society.

Mitch's concerns are always about his family, friends and community. We will all be well served if Mitch is elected to the Select Board. Please join us in voting for Mitch Race on March 5.



In support for Mitch Race

I write in enthusiastic support for Mitch Race's candidacy for the Shaftsbury Select Board. Even though my residence is Bennington, much of my heart is in Shaftsbury, where my paternal roots go back 250 years. I trust this gives me standing for writing on Mitch's behalf.

I am honored that Mitch, with his wife, Joanne, lives in what was for many generations the Matteson Farm on Route 7A near Lake Shaftsbury. Not only that, but Mitch has served outstandingly for several years as president of the Shaftsbury Historical Society, which does much to connect today's Shaftsbury to yesterday.

Mitch would bring to the Select Board not only his love of Shaftsury but also, from his work, important insights and know-how about information technology as applicable to the town's planning, finances and programs.

Mitch is a hard worker in support of community doings. Certainly his membership on the Select Board would strengthen the board's services. In particular, Mitch's know-how and experience in information technology would be useful for both the town planning and operations.

I urge Shaftsbury voters to offer Mitch the opportunity to put his talents, know-how and energy, even more than todya, to the service of Shaftsbury.




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