Letters: Vote for Emily Peyton


There are six candidates on the ballot for Governor this year. I feel I am able to comment on one of them, Emily Peyton. In full disclosure, I am Emily’s partner and we are members of Hempfully Green!, a consulting group that promotes using Industrial Hemp in building homes as well as other structures. I have come to know Emily quite well and find her ideas refreshing. She has been financing this campaign as well as past campaigns out of her own pocket. One of her goals is to get money out of politics and she "walks the talk." She has no hidden agendas other than to serve the people of the State of Vermont as do many of our other elected public officials and candidates.

She has been advocating for a State Bank for several years and it is comforting to see that many others in the state are recognizing that this will benefit all of the people in the state, not just the private interests behind our current banking system. She has "called out" our current Judicial System for what it is, a for-profit corporation with little interest in justice and rehabilitation. She has been an advocate for restoring our Family Farms and a healthier lifestyle for all of us. She has pledged 100 percent of her time and resources to working with our communities to solve all of the current challenges that we face, not raising money for the political process.

I encourage everyone to listen to her proposed solutions and provide feedback. We have to work together to leave Vermont a better place for future generations. Emily can be reached at 802-579-5524 or emilypeyton2012@gmail.com or www.emilypeyton.org.




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