Letters: Vermont Yankee: SAFSTOR and more


Deferred dismantling of a nuclear-power plant, "SAFSTOR" in the United States, is a U. N. International Atomic Energy Agency radiological safety standard allowing the plant to be restarted.

"Under SAFSTOR, often considered deferred dismantling,’ a nuclear facility is maintained and monitored in a condition that allows the radioactivity to decay; afterwards, it is dismantled and the property decontaminated" (U. S.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Decommissioning nuclear power plants).

Mothballed via SAFSTOR, Vermont Yankee can be restarted when natural-gas prices naturally rise with growing domestic demand and international exports, renewing profitability.

"Given current and anticipated levels of gas usage, potential gas unavailability threatens the reliability of the electric system due to the limited-capacity pipelines used to transport gas, potential gas supply interruptions, and the just-in-time’ nature of the resource" (ISO New England: Addressing gas dependence, July 2012).

"New England’s reliance on natural gas drives power bills up nearly 20 percent this winter" (Boston Business Journal, Oct. 27, 2013).

Vermont Yankee, while in SAFSTOR, can be sold with its decommissioning fund to investors betting that improved technology and enhanced investment performance will leave unspent millions as windfall profits after successful decommissioning, if it is not profitably restarted.

SAFSTOR benefits Entergy and potential buyers of Vermont Yankee. Vernon, Vt., and Yankee’s opponents will benefit when the site has become a greenfield available for creation of new jobs and tax revenues.

Until then, the Town of Vernon and Vernon Town School District, in compensation for enforced unavailability of the Vermont Yankee site for new economic development, should receive annual hosting payments equal to Yankee’s current municipal and education property taxes indexed for inflation.


Vernon Where do we go from here?

If you like your health care plan you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep him/her. If you like your duly elected representatives, you can keep them too.

BUT when those in power have systemically infected an already broken system, metastasizing all the way down to state, senatorial, congressional and, in many cases even local authorities leaving cancerous tumors, the only thing left is to cut them out.

Buzzwords like accountability, respectability, credibility, and trust have become nothing more than a punch line at cocktail parties. The global impact of the vacuum left by the world’s preeminent power for freedom and democracy has done more than just downgrade our financial ratings, the clout is gone. Our country was given the warning signs well before 2008 BUT, due to a lack of attention and education coupled with apathy and ignorance, the "fundamental changes" that were promised, have finally come to fore.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Currently, the powers were relying on their advertising blitz and our lack of interest and, it worked! Now the chickens are finally coming home to roost. The "free lunch" has created trillions of dollars of debt and, if we keep on this path of destruction, our country is headed for bankruptcy financially, ethically and morally.

Our government is no longer a "servant of the people", the power-hungry politicians are creating rules and both the Executive and Judicial branches are taking away the guesswork and our own decision-making authority. Personal responsibility has taken a back seat, ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. This is a sad commentary on what WE THE PEOPLE have allowed to take place.

If you like it, where do we go from here?




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