Letters: Too many victims of gun violence


Listen up, NRA. Now that you have the whole country armed to the teeth, when are you going to call out a "well-regulated militia" to help contain all this senseless violence? There are too many victims, not to mention all the responsible gun owners and hunters.

(former life-long gun owner)

Arlington Why I voted no on the water bond

We are told that software can use pressure readings to simulate the system -- yet we are also told that filling the tank on Chapel Road causes lower pressure. Seems to me that the software, if it works, should show that filling at night when demand is low would eliminate day-time low pressure events. Even with a new tank this would also cut the volume of the planned new tank and the cost, and reduce the need for pressure regulators. But maybe the software used has not been validated and that is why the town did not take this approach.

Solving the tank filling events would leave only projected fire events causing low pressure. For this potential-only issue, the selectors need to be taking on the state regulators and make them prove that spending three million for a possible problem meets a reasonable cost-benefit analysis. Or maybe they just like taking our money and spending it, like Montpelier does.



To all donors, volunteers, community members, and the American Red Cross

Thank you so very much to everyone involved with the American Red Cross blood drive which was held on Friday, June 13, 2014 at the American Legion, Post #69 in Arlington, Vermont. Our final count was 32 pints of blood for the day. We greatly appreciate those that took the time out of their day to donate blood, volunteer to help, working community service hours, etc. Please watch for our next blood drive in the Spring of 2015! Facts from the American Red Cross: Approximately 5.6 million blood donations are collected by the Red Cross each year.

Roughly 3.3 million generous volunteer blood donors roll up a sleeve each year.

More than 8 million transfusable blood products are distributed each year thanks to the generous donations.

Patients at approximately 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers around the country receive Red Cross blood products.

Your generosity is life saving!

American Legion Auxiliary, Post #69


Like the Red Sox of old

This year’s Red Sox team reminds me of the old days when they lost more games then they won. In those days Red Sox announcer Curt Gowdy gave the play by play on AM radio and we all listened. His voice became the familiar voice of the Sox. Mostly during the 1950s the line up was excellent with Ted Williams, Jackie Jensen, the two Billys, Klaus and Goodman at shortstop and second, Frank Malzone, Jimmy Piersall and Frank Sullivan pitcher.

They dropped to under 500 percent in ‘52, broke 500 percent ‘55-’57, but slipped below the even mark again after that. Games were exciting and colorful, but they lost. No AL pennants or World Series births were in the cards. The Red Sox was our team then and we loved them, but they lost. Does that remind anyone of this year’s team?




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