Letters to the Editor: gratitude for Hill Farm; condom distribution at MAUHS

Gratitude for HIll Farm

This is letter of gratitude for a business in Sunderland, Vermont; Hill Farm Inn. Too often we take for granted small businesses in our towns, what they bring, who they hire and how they influence our communities. Most of us probably don't even think of them, have no idea of what their impact is to our local economy and take them for granted, thinking they will always be there.

The Hill Farm Inn in Sunderland has been working on their property for perhaps three years now. What has evolved is a project that, in my opinion, has brought a measure of refinement to the hills of Sunderland. Their buildings have been done over in an elegant manner which reflects the original atmosphere of a grand country farm but also shows the thoughts towards what the new and modern needs are in a country iGratitudenn.

Driving by, it's easy for one to see the order and refinement that has been brought to this piece of property. Whenever something is done in a town with a care for refinement and respect for the general surroundings it reflects back onto the town itself.

As a resident of Sunderland I would like to thank the owners, the management, the people who work at Hill Farm Inn and the people who have been working on this project. You have given this town a business to be proud of.

- Joe Boutin


Leadership on condom distribution at MAUHS

I read with interest the article about condom distribution at MAUHS in today's Bennington Banner. What stood out to me were the words of board member Dave Durfee regarding board leadership on the issue: "If we get 30 people who show up and think this is a bad idea, and we think otherwise, let's be prepared to be leaders on this.

Leadership IS hard work. Elected leaders sometimes have to make difficult decisions, and sometimes in the face of significant public emotion. It is important for leaders to be factually informed, and to provide information and make decisions based on scientific evidence. Use of condoms reduces the rate of both sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. If close to 50 percent of MAUHS students are sexually active, they need condoms now. Let's see the MAUHS board provide leadership on this issue.

-Sue Andrews

North Bennington

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