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Friday February 8, 2013

Vote Jacobs for select board

For only the second time in my life, I find myself compelled to offer a letter of support for a local political candidate. When I read Tom Jacobs’ name in the list of those who had submitted paperwork for Bennington Select Board, I was truly delighted.

I have known Tom for many, many years going back to when I had both of his daughters in my second grade. From seeing him as a dad, and then knowing him as an attorney and friend, I know that Tom is someone we need on our Board.

He is a man of integrity, knowledge, and commitment who loves Bennington and will help lead us in the diverse and important tasks ahead. I urge your support for Tom on election day. JUDITH A. PENNOCK


Participate in local government

Often a newly elected Vermont legislator is shocked to discover the majority in our state’s legislature is left of the majority of the people of Vermont. Traditional Democrats and moderate Republicans are largely unaware of what is being decided in the committee rooms of the statehouse which is counter to what most Vermonters believe: fiscal responsibility and moderate social policy. The Vermont press is complicit and continues to cover for the legislature’s decisions which are often extremely fiscal and social liberal. The legislature’s decisions are influenced more by the political majority party and special interests than the constituency. Our state is grappling with huge financial issues and many of our legislators do not understand the impact of recent decisions, partly because many don’t have experience in local government. These decisions are hurting our communities as a whole.

Participation in local government is one way we can bring common sense to our decisions in Montpelier. The strength of our state is in local government. Irene showed us that didn’t it? At the local level we meet budgets, understand how the tax rate is decided on, respond to citizens’ concerns up close, and are held accountable by the ‘human scale’ of local politics. If more of our legislators had experience at the local level, I feel they would be better legislators. I urge any of you who are reading this to get involved in local government in some way. Not everyone will want to run for the legislature as a result, but some of you might. Those who have the benefit of local experience will be better prepared to serve in our legislature than many who represent us now, and if nothing else can help keep those who are representing us honest in a way the media doesn’t seem able. Please consider a run for your local offices in your town or city; you will have to run as a write-in candidate as the petition time limit has passed.



Welcome to the ‘Land of the thief and the home of the banksters’

News Flash! It’s official! With the resignation of Lanny Breuer, chief of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, the good ol’ U.S. of A. can now be properly designated as a ‘kleptocracy!’ With not a single major crook in the financial and mortgage heists not even indicted, let alone serving time in the slammer, the dogs of the big-con have been loosed and officially allowed to feed on the public.

Mr. Breuer admitted as much in an interview on "60 Minutes" when he said he stayed up at night worrying about what harm an indictment would do to the banker crooks. When the incredulous interviewer asked if it was the job of the Chief of the Criminal Division, against damning evidence, to worry about the crooked bankers welfare, Mr. Breuer doubled down and defended his dereliction of duty by repeating his bogus assertion of economic collapse if justice was done. In the final tally, setting aside delusional belief, more miscreants in the financial gang were prosecuted under Bush than under Obama.

As my dear, departed father used to say: "If, like Jean Valjean, you steal a loaf of bread, you end up in the hoosegow, but if you steal a railroad or a million dollars, they make you a Senator!" Welcome to "the land of the thief and the home of the banksters!"




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