Letters: To all the merchants and cars parked in downtown Bennington Monday:


I would like to extend a public apology, on behalf of Summer Sonatina International Piano Camp and the students I sent downtown, who posted flyers of our summer Piano Concert Series. Apparently, the teenagers became a little too enthusiastic about plastering the flyers everywhere, despite my recommendation to ask permission from every merchant first. In addition, they took it upon themselves to put the flyers on car windshields and other places I did not suggest to them.

I apologize for this miscommunication. Unfortunately, these very bright pink colored flyers are probably a visible eyesore at the sheer volume of them downtown. I will talk with the teens about this incident and hopefully they can make it up to everyone by playing some beuatiful piano music. Please join us for our first concert this season, on Thursday, June 26, at 6 p.m. at the Bennington Center for the Arts. It’s free and a reception will follow immediately after the concert.

Thank you and apologies to all of you downtown.



Don’t send advisors to Iraq

Regarding our President sending 300 "Advisors" to Iraq

Some of us have been around long enough to remember "Advisors" being sent to a country about 60 years ago. After the so-called "Korean Conflict," never officially a war, some 36,500 American troops were killed during 1950 -1953.

Our ruling class maybe should heed the quote, "Those Who Ignore History Are Doomed To Repeat It."




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