Letters: Thoughts on school security

Friday December 21, 2012

First things first, in my opinion, is security in our schools. We can solve the rest of the problems after that. If a football coach ever tried to defend against the offense by only relying on the front four linemen, he would be gone in a week, in this writer's opinion. By the same token, if he relied on one man only, to stop the offense once it gets through the front four, be would be gone, without the aid of the secondary line of defense

We need better security I believe the answer to saving our children in our schools today, in the same kind of approach as the tactics employed in a football game. We can't rely on just the locked doors as a front four defense. Nor can we rely on a secondary line of defense that is just a few minutes away even if it is a swat team. We need a backfield that is seconds away. We need more than just one line backer, who might be taken out by other players running interference for the ball carrier, and a system dug gives adequate response time.

So what can we do? Here are a few places to start:, before the congressional committees get bogged down trying to turn everybody, into politically correct robots.

1. Locked doors, with the ability to break the window and open the lock within reach of it, in a matter of seconds, only keeps out the good guys. We need better barriers.

2. Create a defense team that can respond within seconds -- not minutes, to a danger point consisting of a captain, and as many teachers as will participate. All trained, and armed with phones and fire arms. Only members of the defense team should respond to either a request to enter, or a breach of security. Ask Israel for instructions -- not Congress.

3. Provide a phone network from all other teachers to the defense team, to ascertain conditions, and to direct a response to the plan of action.

4. Pray to God, [the victims will] that the defense team can hold off the madman until the re-enforcements arrive. Sound like an Indian attack in the wild west? It's worse. The Indians only had bows and arrows for the most part, our madman will be armed with very sophisticated weaponry, that we can't control, but so will the defense team --if we are smart. You'd be surprised what a deterrent guns can be, when a madman knows that he can't control the killing of himself or a lot of frightened children and unarmed teachers thrown into the breach trying to save them, in a reality gun battle, not a game, in the safety of their bedroom.

5. Implement this kind of program immediately-don't wait for the federal Government to solve the problem. If they had been in charge, Sacco and Vinzetti would have gone free. Their idea of better gun control laws [they don't enforce the ones they have] would be an extended version of "Fast and Furious-Paart Two," [alias "Guns for Goons"], where the terrorists get the guns, the good guys lose theirs, and the rest of us, get the bullets, in their shooting gallery.

6. If we doubt that this extreme approach will work, consider this: The Pilgrims all carried their guns to church. They didn't do it because they were right wing extremists, nor liberal dumbbells who thought the politicians could solve all their problems from Washington. They knew that the problem was theirs to solve, ergo the reason for carrying their guns to church. If I had my little child in that school, and I had my choice, and couldn't be there myself, I'd rather have some people with guns at their immediate disposal guarding them, then some soft headed liberals, smacking a joint in a coffee house, scheming how to get somebody else to do their dirty work for them.



Response to column

In response to Mr. Graves' editorial (Is This Finally Enough?) dated 12/17/12), I am not surprised that it took you less than seventy-two hours to climb aboard your soapbox and give your views on Gun Control and Second Amendment Rights. I am absolutely floored that you would use this heartbreaking tragedy as a platform for which to give your opinion.

I am not a right-winged zealot, but as a parent with a child that very same age, maybe I would consider a person to be armed within a school, just as I would have felt better if pilots were armed on 09/11/01.

For the sake of common decency and out of respect to all of those touched by this gut-wrenching traumatic event, let us put this matter aside for now. Let us instead focus on grieving and healing for those innocent children, their parents, the teachers and faculty of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the first responders.


North Bennington


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