Letters: Thoughts from Pownal Select Board chairman

Thursday February 28, 2013

As I gave considerable thought in responding to several comments made of the upcoming election, a recent article made my decision. I have known Mike and Dale for a good many years and to control them or to quote "lockstep" neither could I nor would I. These are adults that live here and happen to care about the future of this town -- maybe that's why their vote comes in with mine. We are there, voted by the people to make decisions for the people, not to abstain from the vote.

As far as encouraging ideas, thoughts, or just plain listening, Rose-Marie apparently was not a resident when you had to sign up on the agenda Tuesday to speak to the board unless it was an emergency. When I was elected to the board that was one of my first motions to change. It has bit me in the butt several times since, but still I think its the right thing to do. As far as former chairman Brownell using my actions on auditor Ray Shields' activity as causing contention on the board, perhaps if he had taken action in this and other matters earlier on we might have avoided some of these issues and a lot for legal expense.

There are a lot of good people and knowledgeable people who would be great asset as select board members, but they don't want to get into such a turbulent environment and that certainly is unfortunate. I do however believe that one should not stay in office forever. We need to move not only forward, but in the best interest of the town to maintain what we have been, to what we should be. We have finally started to move forward after some setbacks and I hope with the town's support we will continue. Join the town meeting March 4; make your ideas and thoughts heard -- don't let a small number of people make decision for you. Be proud of the town you live in and vote for what you believe will keep us moving forward.



Kauppi is the chairman of the Pownal Select Board


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