Letters: Thanks to BPI for support of veterans


I would like to express thanks to our local Bennington Project Independence for the service and support they offer to our veterans. Not only do they offer an ongoing support gorup for vets, but they seem to have a neverending supply of opportunities to pay homage to our vets and the sacrifices they made.

This past Veteran’s Day was a special day. BPI held a ceremony to acknowledge the veteran who attend BPI’s program. Then, the Bennington American Legion came by to offer a ceremoney remembering MIAs and POWs.

Thank you to everyone at BPI who works so hard to create these special occasions for these special people.



Be careful what you wish for

On election night 2012, Fox News kept saying -- "It’s a close race ... It’s a close race." But it wasn’t. By the time California and ht elate results came in (which tend to be more urban and Democrat -- the larger cities take longer to count). Barack Obama received an electoral landslide and 4.6 million more votes than Mitt Romney.

The Republicans thought they could by the U.S. House, Senate and Governors seats with millions of dollars after the Citizens United Decision.

I’d like to say to all the Republicans who effectively fought to eliminate any meaningful campaign finance reform -- Be careful what you wish for.

The latest trend is that Democrats have been out-raising and out-spending Republicans by vast margins. Since the Democrats have a larger base than the Republicans (38 percent vs. 32 percent), I expect this trend to continue.

I can guarantee you, after a couple more election cycles of being out-raise and out-spent financially, these same Republicans will have a complete 100 percent reversal of thinking, regarding the Citizens United Decision. They will be screaming bloody murder about the Democrats financial advantage. I wonder who will scream first?

Ken Cuccinelli, perhaps?



Supports the right to organize

As a local business owner, I depend on having a quality, dependable child care situation for my children. I feel in order for early educators to continue to do the work they do, they need to be treated like the professionals they are. That includes being able to negotiate with the state over items like subsidy rates and professional development issues.

I support early educators’ right to organize and I hope my legislators -- Senators Sears and Hartwell along with Representatives Morrissey and Mook as well as other Bennington County legislators will support their right, too.

I’m happy that Vermont Early Educators United is working on the bill, and encourage people to visit www.kidscountonme.org for more information.




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