Letters: Thank you for restoring the hike


I recently went up on the North Branch Street hike and am very impressed and would like to thank the town, the state, all the workers, etc., who gave us, hikers, back our trail. I used to hike it two or three times a week, six or seven years ago when they highway was beginning construction.

The underpass, as promised when the highway began construction, is awesome! I had written to the town years ago before highway construction began because the hike was torn up and we couldn’t use it. I wanted myself and others to be able to hike it, people who are out of town and out of state as well.

It’s an awesome and pleasurable hike and you have all outdone yourselves. Thank you. I love it and I am hoping everyone else in our town and out of town also like and enjoy it. Good job, thumbs up, FB "Poke" to you!

Thank you for our "hike" back!



Congratulations on undefeated season

Congratulations to the MAUHS JVA Baseball team and coaching staff for an "undefeated" season. They played excellent baseball as a team and always came through in challenging situations. We are very proud of these young men and wish them great success in the future.




Still good people out there doing the right thing

Just an upbeat note to share -- there are still good people out there doing the right thing for the right reason. Thank you to whoever, patron or employee of McDonald’s, who found and turned in the purse I left behind last Friday, May 30. You brightened my day and now I want to pay it forward and brighten the day of readers by letting them know that people like you are still around. Thank you again.



Tribute to our veterans

Lest We Forget. He came from Jamaica to visit an aunt in Portland, Maine in the early 40s. He wanted to join the Navy but had no passport so the Navy declined.

He went to the Army recruiter and was accepted without a passport. Sent to England, he was in the First wave on the beaches of Normandy. Wounded in battle, he was sent to England to heal.

After healing he went back to the front lines in France. Wounded a second time, he was assigned to duty in England as a drill Sargent. After World War II he was sent to the front line in Korea during the Korean War, where he lost many of his fellow soldiers. After the end of the Korean War he was assigned to Japan.

When the Vietnam War started he was sent to the front lines in Vietnam where he served defending his chosen country with honor and total commitment. He survived three wars on the front lines with his fellow soldiers, many who gave their lives so that we could be free.

He became a U.S. citizen, married a Vermont girl who gave him two sons, one a federal judge and the other a food service leader. He resides in Florida and is still active at 92.

To all who are concerned with the sacrifice that our veterans have given to our beloved country. I salute and give tribute to my brother-in-law, Sgt. Major Harry Shakes for his 30 years of service to his adopted country, the United States of America.


U.S. Navy



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