Letters: Support Brandy Reynolds for state representative


I was thrilled when Brandy Reynolds told me she had decided to run for state representative this election year. Since retiring and moving to Bennington in 2007, I have gotten to know Brandy through various community organizations. She is a go-getter. In other words, if I need something she goes and gets it, i.e. information on various community services. She really cares about this community and making us all feel like a part of it.

I am happy to support Brandy in her bid for a House seat. She is very service oriented and helpful to everyone without regard to age, economic status or politics. She follows through on her promises. She is a good listener and looks beyond the problems to the solutions that will benefit the whole community. She also looks beyond the way things have always been done, towards the way they may be done more fairly or efficiently.

She is a "straight shooter," someone you can see at Four Corners advocating for the homeless with the same enthusiasm that you see when she advocates for her children at school. She loves talking to people and says she wants to hold town meetings when elected.

During the campaign, Brandy is getting around to as many doors as possible before the Primary on August 26. Please come out and vote for Brandy Reynolds in the Primary.




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