Letters: Sharing the road with motorcycles


Letters: Sharing the road with motorcycles

Warmer spring weather brings motorcycles out of hibernation, which makes May the perfect time for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and these safety reminders. Motorcyclists:

* Avoid riding in poor weather conditions.

* Wear a properly fitted DOT approved helmet, eye protection and sturdy protective clothing, shoes and gloves.

* Stay visible by using headlights and wearing bright colors.

* Remember that motorcycle mirrors may make other vehicles seem farther away than they are.

* Don't weave in and out of traffic or ride on the shoulder, and avoid other vehicles' blind spots.

* Know your bike's limits and your skills, especially when riding with a passenger, which makes balance more difficult, increases stopping distance and reduces maneuverability.

* Watch out for road hazards ahead, such as potholes, oil slicks, water or debris on the road, ruts, uneven pavement and railroad tracks. Slow down in advance, and go around them if possible.


* Never crowd motorcycles or attempt to share the lane.

* When passing, change lanes completely and never cut in too closely.

* Allow more than the standard 4-second following distance, and be aware that motorcyclists often slow down without activating the brake light.

* Be more suspicious of turn signals that may be left on because they don't self-cancel.

* Watch carefully and then look again to be sure a motorcycle isn't closer than it seems or hidden from view because of its small size, especially at intersections.

Everyone: Share the road with courtesy and respect. Never drive impaired or distracted. Remember that everyone, including motorcyclists, must abide by the same traffic rules; we should never speed or tailgate, and always use our turn signals. Look twice -- save a life. Motorcycles are everywhere.


Florence Happy to see Jim Carroll running for representative

We were happy see Jim Carroll is running for representative. Jim was born and raised here. During the summer he worked for the town on the roads.

Jim left Bennington for the world outside. After many years, he returned here and opened a small business.

Jim's dad, "Joe" spent many years on many boards while working and raising his family.

Jim is following in his dad's footsteps. He is always available to the public on Main Street or by phone. He was instrumental in giving the wrestling team a warm welcome home after New England Champs. Jim is always on top of things as a selectman and will do the same up north as a representative. Let us all cast a vote for Jim.




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