Letters: Running for state rep


My name is Kiah Morris, and I am a candidate for State Representative in Bennington District 2-2. I write to the readers of the Banner today in celebration of the great character of our community and region.

Since moving to Bennington six years ago, I am proud to have witnessed some of the most beautiful acts of generosity and goodwill by the hands of the members of our community.

I reflect on the enormous outpouring of support that businesses, organizations and community members showed towards the family of our dear friend Robert "Bubba" Davis after his passing. His children were honored by the participation of our local EMS personnel as pall bearers and the donations from local hotels, restaurants and private individuals ensured that Bubba’s parents, their grandparents, could attend the services as they could not afford to be there otherwise.

The people of Bennington donated whatever money they could and fully covered the funeral and burial costs. I want to thank you for that.

I can recall the massive wave of donated goods, time and money given to help our neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Irene. Clothing, food, shelter, rides, so many needed things that we take for granted were given freely and with open hearts. And the help was not limited to just Bennington, we reached out our arms and embraced our families, friends and neighbors in Pownal, Woodford, Wilmington and New York.

What an amazing source of pride to see Natasha Gardner and Jim Carroll honored for their role in feeding so many people and volunteers during that time. I want to thank you for that.

Our local food banks are stocked with needed food to help out a sizable portion of our community. Those who seek the support of the food bank are often those who work hard, are retired or disabled and need a little extra support to make their earned dollars go further and ensure that their families are fed nutritious meals. Because of these programs, our community members do not have to starve. These programs could not function if it were not for the donated time of many volunteers, the sharing of food from others and a clear set of community values that are built on caring and goodwill. I want to thank you for that.

The people of Bennington are kind, generous, strong and resilient. The people of Bennington are not bound by rhetoric or party affiliations ... when one of us is in need, we roll up our sleeves and help out. It is what we do.

To me, that is the character of Bennington; respectful, hardworking and proud. That is why I am running for office. There is much work to be done in our town, region and state and this good work cannot be achieved by any one group, organization or individual alone.

We cannot get mired in mudslinging, finger-pointing or fear about the challenges ahead. We must remember our community values and commit to collaborate to reach real solutions towards a strong future for each one of us.

I love this community and I am honored to run to represent our town in the state legislature.

I am proud to raise my son in a community that reflects the values and character that I want to instill in him. I want to thank you for that!

Please be sure to come out and vote on August 26.

Candidate for State Representative
Bennington District 2-2

Monday memories

Just discovered Monday Memories in today’s paper.

What a great idea. I love it.




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